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{ an exciting & b u s y week! }
一. I can hardly believe we're at the end of the weekend again - and over halfway through January! Time is flying right by. This week, my big news has sharing my decision to leave my current job and move home to England! I announced it over on Twitter and I'm going to divulge more deets and chat about it properly in another post, once I manage to eke some time out in my schedule. In the meantime, I've lifted my freelance business from its hiatus and I'm easing myself back in as I work my notice period. If anybody has any burning expat/Hong Kong/moving abroad related questions, etc. do feel free to ask in the comments!

二. This week has been filled with sad news. First of David Bowie's passing, then of the terrible tragedies in Jakarta and then finally marred once more by Alan Rickman's passing, too. It's been undeniably sad; I simply have no words for the cruel hand that cancer deals. How can you begin to put into words the sadness you feel for somebody that played such a huge role of your childhood, transforming character from page to screen as if, quite fittingly, by magic? (Before anybody jumps in, I truly adored Rickman in many of his other roles, but Harry Potter has played a genuinely HUGE role in my life, hence my attachment to his brilliantly executed role as Severus Snape ^_^)

三. Got my hair chopped this afternoon at long last. I was supposed to get it done at home over Christmas but ended up having far too much fun winging it all across the country to visit friends and family ;) I ended up booking in with a senior stylist at Indulgence in Central. I love it, thank you Coren! I opted for a just-above the shoulders lob with a little texture so I won't have to wave it all the time. I constantly buoy between the idea of growing my hair back out to a midi length but kinda prefer the ultra low maintenance of a lob. What do you think?

四. Blog-wise, I've been tweaking a few things here and there. You'll now be able to access a brand new FAQ page right here, after I managed to stupidly delete the old one. I think I've covered most of the questions I get emailed about on that page! I also refreshed my About page and the New to Daisybutter? page which is an idea I had back in 2013, a little cheat sheet to get the best of my blog and its archives from one page. Have a little poke around if you're interested! Blog admin afternoons are sometimes the best. Oh! And I'm having an issue with Disqus at the moment too, in that I don’t get any notifications for new comments! I always reply to my comments but lately I'm having to manually check through each post and I'm sure I miss handfuls of comments in between – eek! So sorry if you've been waiting on a reply from me.

A yummy fusion bánh mì from Seoul Bros. as a celebratory dinner on Monday.

五. I'm hoping to blog my 2015 Project Life scrapbook 'round-up & review' some time very soon! Slap on the wrist because I haven’t *quite* finished December's spreads yet but I'm working on them, I'm working on them. Kinda trying to pre-empt photo delivery times and whether they'll reach me before I have to pack the scrapbook itself away to be shipped home, you know? Again, if there's anything in particular you'd like to see from my album or hear about, pop it in a comment and I'll try to include it!

Tell me one f u n thing about your week and one thing you're grateful for this week – let's sprinkle a little positivity to brighten up what has been a decidedly heartbreaking seven days.

PS. Happy birthday to my best, bestest pal, L! x

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