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h a p p y, beauty & upcoming holidays.
一. If I had to describe my week in one word, it'd be h a p p y. I've felt happy all week, even and especially on Monday, that dreaded first day back to work of the year. I've been championing workout sessions almost every day (took a break on Tuesday night to paint my nails and write little messages to my friends. Girl got priorities) and it's doing the world of good so far! I actually have a slight curve in my spine that isn't anything to worry about but makes sitting for extended periods of time a bit of a (literal) pain, thus adding daily yoga to my routine has really helped to ease it, even after a handful of days. No more clicking in my back and through my arms when reaching across my desk for a pineapple Post-It note... YAY!

二. Booked my very first flight of the year! I'm heading to Seoul in South Korea for a little break over Chinese New Year/Seollal. As I'm sure longer-term readers know, I'm a huge fan of K-pop, the entertainment scene and South Korean culture and I've been positively dying to visit for around 8 or 9 years now! And finally I get to go! CNY is usually spent with friends and family and I have neither of those here (teehee) so it’s time to try my hand at solo travelling in what I'm already sure is going to be one of my favourite cities. I've pretty much filled out my very loose non-itinerary, having wished for this holiday for years, and chosen somewhere to stay but if you have any Seoul recommendations and tips on solo travelling, please let me know!

三. Yesterday I binged the entirety of Making A Murderer on Netflix at long last. And hot damn was it good. Basically ended up running errands at the speed of light in the morning, feeling anxious and so came home to watch 10 entire hours in one go. With added pizza at the seven-hour mark. Winning. My mind keeps racing with theories and I spent much of this morning on Reddit, hungrily devouring more information and evidence. If you've not yet seen it, make it a top to-do for next week.

四. Earlier in the week I made an awesome vegetable coconut curry for dinner and it was SO moreish, if I may say so myself! I'm half tempted to make it again, photograph it and share on the blog. Sound good? Getting my annual goals down. Also, this vegetable and pork yakiudon was insanely good and easy to put together!

五. Beauty bounty :: I'm making more of an effort to use some of the beauty bounty that I have stashed in my place. Honestly, I don't know how I've managed to amass such a collection! Loving the Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream at the moment, though, it's a lifesaver for hair that tends to lose its' morning style and for those living in humid places. Bare leg weather in January though. Help me. Another thing I'm loving is my Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur. If you can get your hands on this, then please do! It brightens the skin tone and brings a beautiful pearlescent glow to the complexion without feeling too glitterball-esque.

Links I’ve Loved:

  • I picked up these Lululemon yoga leggings on Monday and they’ve already changed my entire workout game. 10/10, would recommend.
  • Rae's newest In The Home post has certainly got me pining after a blanket fort! I haven't constructed one of these in years now, but all of a sudden I want to grab all of my sheets from the cupboard and make a little den for myself in lieu of my normal, very expensive, bed.
  • This review of The Tea Project by Tegan is utterly dreamy. I can almost envision myself there and it's on my list for when I finally get my ass in gear and visit Australia.
  • I'm really into Pantone pink and blue of the year at the moment and have been Tumblring away at it all!
  • This coat from ASOS is quite possibly my new coat of dreams, right beside this mint beauty that I snapped up a few years back.
  • My girl Ria has restyled her blog to embrace the new year and a new blogging chapter of sorts and I wholeheartedly recommend you pop over for a read. She's all about thought-driven pieces, is as much of a Taylor Swift as I am and I just ADORE her Feminist-in-Training side blog.
  • Currently coveting? These Gucci bags, the GG Supreme and Soho Disco Bag in Metallic Leather.

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