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In an effort to bring back some regular posting habits to this blog - even as I step away from scheduling - I think I'm going to begin a fresh Sunday series, aptly entitled Sundaze after my all-time favourite Instagram caption. Kicked-back, photo diaries and life lately posts tend to be my favourites to write and it's somewhat cathartic to have a this-and-that post in which to offload thoughts and anxieties and share cherished memories that I might one day forget.

One of the series that I miss most is my Week in Photos series! Does anybody remember that?! I used to share otherwise-unshared photos every Sunday and have a little chat alongside it, but you know how it is, IG took over and my weeks are fairly substandard nowadays. Let's try this again!

一. So! Where are we? Well, after my digital detox over Christmas, I now feel much more content with arriving home from work and simply putting some music on and having a read or popping Netflix on. I used to arrive home and squirrel myself away at posts to make sure they were ready for a 9am scheduled go-live, but I feel back at ease with my leisure time. Finally I have time to get up to date on Arrow (slap me, I'm so late on the bandwagon) and to delve into my reading lists, both online and offline, before sitting down for a quiet few hours to work on a post.

二. Feeling homesick af. I've been back in Hong Kong for 7 days now and, you know what, it's not quite right. It feels like eons ago that I was surrounded by my favourite humans, blissfully indulging in candyfloss coloured sunrises through shaded trees and ducking in and out of rainclouds with my siblings and best friends. I miss my family, I miss the quiet stillness of my hometown and the displaced familiarity when wandering around it, I miss being able to walk upstairs to my little (new) bedroom and I miss not having to Google Translate difficult Chinese characters. The thing is, I miss feeling present when I have little friends here and seem to spend much of my time wiling 8 hours away ready for the time difference. However, it's so sweet to see all the positivity surrounding a possible move home! (See here.)

三. I finished reading The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire and loved it! I'm a huge Dan and Phil fan (anyone that can drop Pokemon trivia and quotes into everyday conversation can be my new best friend) and the book felt like a fun, new yet timeless representation of the niche they've deftly carved out on YouTube. It was a gift from my little sister for Christmas and she was completely bewildered upon buying it! I once made her rewatch a live show of Dan's because he sang a snippet of Red Velvet's 'Ice Cream Cake' and I needed her to know we were far-distant Internet pals.

四. This week I've been stretching out and relaxing my bones with some yoga. I'm taking part in Adriene's annual yoga camp (here, if you're interested) and I'm also on board with the Blogilates Waist Training Challenge, in a bid to shift some festive weight and tone up a little. Already feeling much better and a little more limber! Also - as pictured along with this kikki.K notebook - I popped out to run some errands and picked up these gorgeous handpainted Japanese rice bowls yesterday. Hittin' those January sales hard(!) Can you believe they were just £4.90 in total after discounts?!

五. What with it being freshly 2016 and everything, the community is awash with obligatory goals and resolutions posts. They're some of my favourites to read because I love seeing what others are hoping for and not only being mindful of them, but to see whether they might inspire and influence my own year. My post is right here but some of my favourites include these from Sade, Jennifer, Hannie, Corrie and Meg.

Happy Sunday! x

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