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Pretty awfully shot but still clear outfit photos. Often in squares.
Until I'm home where I can persuade my brother or friends to shoot outfit photos for me again, it seems to be that this once-fashion blog is severely void of any, well, fashion content. It's been more than a year since I managed to regularly shoot outfits and, actually, I miss it a lot. Enter, the Insta-outfit. By way of sharing my style lately, I tend to pop a terribly-shot mirror photo on the ol' Instagram and/or Snapchat and be done with it. (I'm @winyeemichelle on both, FYI!)

01 –
I seriously loved this look. And it went down pretty well on the ol’ Instagram! Much like the rest of Hong Kong, I’ve fallen prey to the elusive culottes and I’m getting involved via my faithful jersey jumpsuit (shot ‘properly’ here). Lately I’ve been teaming it with roll neck jumpers, particularly this cropped chunky knit one from H&M. I picked it up in the sale for, like, $45(?!) when it was beginning to look like we’d never get a proper winter. B a r g a i n! I added my even more faithful cut-out boots (£8 from New Look when I forgot to take shoes for the work Christmas party a few years back) to add some height, et voila! My favourite outfit this season.

02 –
After an entire summer of wearing white, AW15 has been the season of embracing colour and cosiness. This jumper is another H&M bargain – seriously, I walked out with like five pieces that day – that has really sweet super dropped shoulder sleeves and a mock neck. I teamed it with my rose textured faux leather skirt (Zara!) and just wore flats with this one. Bare legs in January. Loving life. Kinda loving the warm burnt orange hue at the moment.

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03 –
Another colourful look! Who am I?! Michelle circa 2012?! ;) I’ve been taking the Pantone colours of the year a little too seriously lately. I wore this a weekend or two ago to run errands and it was a real winner. The powder blue duster is from a Korean boutique in Tai Po (New Territories, Hong Kong) so I’m not sure where to point you on that front while the skirt is a super old favourite from River Island. Really into the whole duster/separates/white kicks look lately, I tend to gravitate towards similar looks a lot for work!

04 –
Kinda channelling the ubiquitous Seventies trend and Pantone-ing my wardrobe up a treat with this one. I wore this on Monday because I simply couldn’t wait for ‘On Wednesdays we wear pink’. The knit is from another Korean boutique (Tsuen Wan, NT, Hong Kong) and my skirt is a suede H&M bad boy. Gosh, I’m really into H&M lately, aren’t I?! My boots are the Alexander Wang Kori’s with rhodium plating. Seriously love them, even after almost a year! They’re 100% worth the extra cash.

05 –
I wore this pink and blue look to run errands on Saturday. A cosy turtleneck plus my faithful Frame Denim jeans with a classic black coat. The boots are my Alexander Wang Kori boots, a very useful investment if you were wondering! They're oh so comfy and match absolutely everything because, well they're black. All black err'thang.

06 –
Last but least, this Snapchat outside features leather trousers and that burnt orange jumper again. It's all about the mix. Capsule wardrobe vibes eh?

- - -

Something that I notice a lot in my blog, Twitter and YouTube comments and messages is that my outfit posts are sorely missed. The feeling’s mutual kids, I sorely miss them as well. (My sister? Probably not so much!)

Before my sister shot outfit photos for me in England, I used to shoot outfits on my own using a tripod, self-timer mode and a lot of patience. For my Southampton readers, I used to shoot down the alleys between Wilton Avenue and Burton Road! And there’s a mirage of reasons why I don’t do that anymore, the main one being? Have you SEEN the crowded streets of Hong Kong? ;) Hoping 2016 and a sly move home are going to cunningly work together so I can resurrect my outfit posts, I mean, why else would I be moving, eh? (I kid!) London and Hertfordshire ladies, I’m all ears if you want to shoot, please get in touch!

Until then, I hope these Insta-outfits are ‘enough’ to keep you ticking over. I’m really happy with my wardrobe and style at the moment and it’d be a shame not to somehow share them!

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