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UG/F, No.66 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong. Entrance on Elgin Street.
Whenever Winnie and I get together, you know there's some serious food action to be had...! Back in November when she came over to Hong Kong for her annual trip - fellow BBC's, you know how it is! - I nabbed her for a day of shopping, laughing, terrible puns (mine), stories (hers), an overdue real life catch-up and FOOD. Let's get going...

Seoul Bros. had been on my radar for a while. Opening in October in a prized space on Hollywood Road in Central, it takes pride of place up on first floor, making for the perfect people-watching spot. It's not too difficult to find, head for PMQ kinda area by Aberdeen Street and you'll find it nestled across from Ho Lee Fook, neon signs flaring. Like most places on my foodie hit list, I discovered Seoul Bros. via Instagram; it's a fusion street food kinda place, think elevated fast food!

Round One

In typical Winnie and Michelle style, we ordered a little bit of everything to try! The Hong Kong eating culture is all about sharing, think tapas style. And so, we chose the Bibimbap, Kimchi Fries, Fried Chicken (the Sweet & Spicy option!) and a Spicy Corn Salad. It's worth noting too that they have set menus, which are a good option for lunch. We ended up getting a set and then ordering extra!

Our thoughts?

Thumbs up almost all around! We're both huge fans of Korean food and really enjoyed the slight Japanese fusion of the Bibimbap and the chicken was simply amazing, succulent and tender meat with a satisfying crunchy coating and just-spicy enough dressing. The corn salad was so-so, but we only really ordered that as a semi-healthy section! We only managed half of the fries portion (classic case of eyes-bigger-than-tummy!) but I really enjoyed those too. Prices seem above average at first glance but it's worth the $ and you'll often find that non-local Chinese eateries on Hong Kong Island are a touch more expensive.

Round Two

When I decided to hand my notice in at my current job, I felt excited and relieved but also a little uneasy about the brevity of the situation I'd put myself in. And so, I hopped on a tram and wandered over to Seoul Bros. once again, this time for a sneaky takeout...

Honestly? I can't fault Seoul Bros. at all! Always such friendly, efficient and polite service! I picked up the Beef Bánh Mì and Sweet & Sour Fried Chicken and went on my way home. The bánh mì was so unbelievably moreish, soft and fluffy buns with rich and tangy kimchi and tender cuts of beef. I honestly could've eaten another in the same sitting because food crimes are the best, right? Again, I over-ordered and ended up putting most of my chicken away for eating with some rice the next day, but the chicken was every part as good as I remembered. Slightly preferred the spicy option if you were wondering!

- - -

Seoul Bros., you have my heart. Please don't get eaten up by Hong Kong rent struggles.

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