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{ A S O S - wishlist } - January 2016.
You know how it is, the temporary shopping ban is going surprisingly well and you're clearing out the oddest of links in your Bookmarks bar and then, there it is, a shining beacon of ASOS hope. January, you're a cruel mistress.

Strangely enough (I'm almost certain I'll take these words back soon) I feel like I've reached a very happy medium with my wardrobe. A combination of being an all-out shopping obsessive - topped only, I feel, by the legend that is Sophie - and working for an awesome luxury department store means that my sartorial arsenal is pretty damn well stocked now and I'm just working on the one-in-one-out thing right now to weed out the pieces that seriously haven't held up well as the Hong Kong winter tapers off.

I'm obsessed with coats, as you probably know, and this pink one from Helene Berman has captured my heart! I can't quite believe I don't own a pink coat: I have a mint green and two powder blues... and yet, no pink?! £110 does kinda hit at my coat budget limit though... Now that I'm preparing to fly back to England for the imminent future, I'm all about hunting down scarves and other warm pieces of clothing. Heck, I found myself complaining about 15° weather the other evening! I think I'm in for a shock next month!

Other things that I'm keeping an eye out for are a new pair of trainers that'll serve me for more of the lifestyle side of proceedings. I already have two pairs of actual running trainers plus my white Lacoste ones but I think there's room in my heart to slip a fresh pair of kicks in!

What are you currently wishing for, on the sartorial and oh so frivolously unnecessary side? x

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