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A few additions to Chez Daisybutter.
Happy weekend! And welcome to an episode of At Home with Michelle ;) Today I thought I’d finally settle down and share a few slices of home life before I have to pack plenty of it away. There’s little else better – in my book – than nesting and creating a cosy at-home space that feels like ‘you’, only extended. Once I arrived at our family apartment in Hong Kong, I had a pretty blank canvas to work from.

You see, we keep a place here in Hong Kong for holidays and for Granny’s annual winter break – she’s a lady of utmost leisure. And while it functioned well for us to pop our suitcases down, rest our heads and shower, it certainly wasn’t a home by any means. Back in October 2014, jet lag aside, I decided to throw all of our very old furniture out and start afresh. And yes, that did mean living in a two-bedroom apartment with one wooden stool, one mattress and my suitcase for 4 days! Thankfully furniture ordering and delivery is speedy as heck here, so after selecting my new pieces, I’d pretty much furnished the bare necessities within a week.

My place is teeny-tiny but cosy and stamped with my signature style, I'd like to think. Think lots of plush greys, a hint of mustard yellow to accentuate the place and lots of texture. As I only ever planned to be here temporarily, much of my d├ęcor is from Ikea, local affordable homeware places and with a few more luxury pieces that I’ll be shipping back home! However, more of the finer details are new additions, namely acquired via Etsy. I could wax lyrical about some of the brands I’ve found via Etsy but today I’m going to chat about new home additions.

Dearcharliedesign Harry Potter Prints

I shared these on Instagram and they went down SO well! I actually never got round to framing these because I’d loosely decided to move back in December and figured I’d be better equipped to find some beautiful frames in England. I just adore Charlie’s penmanship and the choice of coloured foils for the lettering. Right now? One sits on my shelf in the living room and the other is propped up in my bedroom, on my dresser of fandoms. I’m hoping to get some clean white and gold-tone gilt frames to home these in.

Shop here.

Twelve9Printing Cloud Decals

So I borrowed this idea from my good friend Mandy (see her baby girl nursery tour here!) when she was, of course, decorating baby Nicole’s new bedroom. I dithered between the gold clouds and pastel confetti but in the end I went for gold clouds – I am an incessant daydreamer after all. I went ahead and applied a few to my bedroom here, too, because why not?! I can confirm they apply beautifully and come with full instructions, should you be terrified of any level of home improvements like I am! Other options include these: Mini Triangles, Pine Tress and Hello (Door Decal!).

Shop here.

As somebody that has constantly struggled with getting things delivered to me in Hong Kong – whether because of timing or the whole high-rise buildings and lost delivery guys thing – I’m over the moon with my Etsy additions. I really enjoy supporting independent and start-up businesses and, if you haven’t seen for yourself, Etsy is the place to discover small businesses with insane talent. Like I said, I’ll be sharing even more home (well, bedroom and office) updates in a few short weeks! It’s quite terrifying how quickly time seems to be slipping away. For now, you can keep up with my home and interior inspirations and references on Pinterest. See if you can guess what I’ll be getting my mitts on next!

Disclaimer: Post created in collaboration with Etsy. Items provided via a gift card, however, product selections and trying-to-be-witty words my own.

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