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Visiting Brighton again. { 22·12·15 }
Right before Christmas - I know, I know, this post is a teensy bit overdue! - I wanted to squeeze as much as I could into my festive break back home and with my best friend now living in Bournemouth, it only seemed right to meet kinda halfway on the South Coast. So... I hopped on a handful of trains and took a day trip to one of my favourite cities in England, that of beautiful Brighton.

We started off with a hot chocolate - dark, always - at Choccywoccydoodah to warm ourselves from the blustery walk outdoors. I'm always torn between wanting to have cake too and knowing that the drink itself is already a total sugar-fest! December in Brighton is always a very particular strain of windy and cold, isn't it? Ebony and I were practically blown through the Laines by the winds of Storm Eva! We took shelter in cute shops and pathways adjacent to the seafront ;) By the by, if you're planning to visit Brighton soon, I do wholeheartedly recommend heading in at Choccywoccydoodah for a molten cup of chocolate, there's little else quite like it!

When you haven't seen your best friend in 14 months, there's a lot of ground to cover. I've known Ebony since we were 14 and we've been best mates since we were 16, even going to Uni together afterwards! So on we meandered through the Laines, into town and to the seafront, swapping gossip and life stories in person at last and making oh so exciting plans for the future. Stormy seas or not, I find something special and new each time in Brighton Beach. Brighton, you really do rock.

I've missed the grey and white hues of a wind-blasted beach whilst dwelling in a tropical island full of standardly sandy beaches.

As the day went on and the skies darkened, we walked back through the Laines to visit Snooper's Paradise and pop by The Bluebird Tea Co. for an obligatory stroll, taking photos along the way of colourful doors and winding, um, lanes? I can't get enough of this adorably quirky city. Fun fact: if I hadn't moved to Hong Kong, there's a 97.9% chance I'd have settled in pretty Brighton.

Oh! And I finally, finally managed to visit Cafe Coho! It was everything I hoped for and more, the perfect respite from the rain. Voted the best loved cafe in Brighton, I chose my standard flat white and we both went for the halloumi on sourdough. So. Good.

CAFE COHO. 53 Ship Street, Brighton, East Sussex. BN1 1AF.

- - -

After a comfortably long train journey - the kind where you can really sift thoughts and opinion from your mind and work things out with yourself - I arrived to pouring rain in my hometown... and my best friend waiting for me at the bottom of a spiral staircase! You've found yourself a keeper when he's waiting to surprise you in the worst rain you've ever seen.

Until next time, Brighton (and, indeed, England)! ♥

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