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{ C A R N I V A L - 17·01·16 } //* hazy, smog-filled afternoons on Hong Kong Island.
At the weekend I headed to Hong Kong Island for an afternoon of running errands. It seems to be at the moment that my every spare moment is spent finishing off one errand or another! Once I’ve paid one set of bills, another comes in, once one appliance is fixed, the other breaks. Give me a break, le sigh. Complaining aside, if my errands take me to Hong Kong Island, then I often take my camera along with me and make a proper thing of it. I live, quite happily, in the New Territories area, worlds apart from the most busy areas of Hong Kong so it takes me roughly half an hour to get to Central and the like!

After collecting my fixed camera – shaking my first at you, Samsung, for your camera warranty that covers the body and not lenses. I mean, is that even applicable for a point-and-shoot?! – I meandered around Causeway Bay for a bit. CWB is the shopping district for sure. Whenever friends and bloggers are in town to visit, we always spend much of our time here! I particularly getting above ground level and watching hoards of people disperse onto the streets, rushing around for whatever reason. There’s always something going on in this area. I zigzagged my way around the now super familiar streets, got elbowed about a billion times and ducked into my favourite places in a fruitless search for a new cleanser. Eyeing up a few from Innisfree!

I was mostly in the area to get my hair done over at Indulgence in Central. Love my new cut! Would totally recommend Senior Stylist Coren if you’re dithering.

Afterwards? Well of course I didn’t want to waste my $13 trip (£1.15) onto the island, so I wandered on down to the harbourfront at Central Pier where AIA is hosting the annual ‘European’ Carnival. I once surmised not having my siblings around to visit with but on second thoughts I’m pretty glad I didn’t have to pay for a crowded, tiny funfair with intermittent rainstorms for company!

Love spotting these carts around Hong Kong where you can buy soft drinks, sometimes ice cream and always pocket tissues. Honestly, my number tip if you visit HK is to carry tissues with you at all times!

What is it about Ferris wheels that is so infinitely charming and magical, even against smoggy grey skies?

My favourite thing about Sundays is a slow amble by any stretch of water. So happy to live by the water and even happier that this famous harbour is so close! I always forget how lucky I am to be a part of this gorgeous country.

I even grabbed these carousel and helter skelter snaps from the outside, looking in ;) +10 reader points if you caught that reference!

Hong Kong, you’ll always have my heart and capture it better than I could capture you.

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