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18 Grams. G/F, Hoi Tao Court, 15-27 Cannon St, Hong Kong.
T G I F.

You know what? For a very long stretch of the disappearing months of 2015, I'd started to go against my own words and I hated being alone. There was certainly something behind that 'too much of a good thing' mantra, that good thing being solitude. I became antsy and eager to squish my best girls and chatter away to my Mama and pester Daddy Daisy for more of his oddly phrased advice. I stayed up until 3, maybe 4 in the morning, cosied up in blankets to muffle my voice, chatting to my best friend in England about casual nonsense and candid truths (as only ever happens in those midnight moments)... And, right then, I'd decided, expat life was no longer for me.

- - -

The other afternoon - Sunday, in fact - I rushed over to Causeway Bay to run a few errands, having spent the entirety of my Saturday watching, well, the entirety of Making A Murderer. Only went and broke my cute Samsung NX Mini 9mm lens, didn't I?! Afterwards, because it's Sod's Law that only appointments you travel for 35 minutes to end up being less than 10 minutes, I wandered down to 18 Grams, a little coffee shop tucked into the corner of Cannon Street that I've been meaning to check out for a while. Oddly, I liked that snippet of alone time in this overwhelmingly busy city.

An excellent flat white, $44 for a large.

Hong Kong readers, I'd recommend popping in for an unexpected respite from the crazy CWB area!

I took that moment to indulge in solo city-going sans iPod. I often rely on my headphones to see me through alone days and, in fact, my expat-ness as a whole. Music can be so comforting, you know? I hadn't charged mine though so enjoyed a peaceful few moments sipping coffee and watching Hong Kong's weekend unravel before my eyes. That is, before I remembered I had my 3DS in my bag!

On Monday, I handed in my notice at work(!!) and with that came an overwhelming sense of relief. Sometimes you just know when the time is right and after nearly 16 months I think it’s time to champion happiness (again). I moved once to champion happiness and as times and moments change, it’s time to do that again. This week has largely been about getting down to Yoga Camp, running countless errands (my sink is broken, there's mounds of laundry to be done all the bloody time, bills to be paid, everyday mundanities to get on board with) and writing my heart away for projects that I'm genuinely passionate about. And if you're wondering what's next? Well, I'm not so sure either. I want to take a little time to myself, freelance a little and churn along with a few side projects, and slowly work out what it is that I genuinely want to do and apply myself to next. Here's to excitement for the unknown! ♥

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