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Celebrating 6 years of blogging p l u s Adorably-sized cakes, laughs and overdue catch-ups with the ladies. { 19·12·15 }
Somehow, today marks the SIXTH anniversary of Daisybutter-ness! SIX! Sometime in October 2009, I opened up my laptop, tucked in my dingy bedroom in University halls, fighting a temperamental motion-sensor heater, and decided to start a blog, entitled Daisybutter. It took me until January to finally share a post and keep it live! In these six years, my blog and life has changed beyond my wildest dreams. I tend to commemorate this date by talking about my hopes for the blog over the next year but, right now, I'm quite content with this space. A little online home where I can show how I live, not tell others how to live. A place to muse and share, a place to frivolously document extravagant things I want to buy and relieve my real-life friends and family of that burden. ;) And long may it continue!

Here's to another year! Let's celebrate with a glimpse into a festive afternoon before Christmas, surrounded by four of my favourite blogging ladies...

- - -

Hands up if you're an idiot and decided to plan afternoon tea with the blogging ladies on the last and busiest Saturday before Christmas! *nervous laughter* Yep, me. That was me indeed. What's life without a little challenge, eh?

Having spent more than 14 months abroad, I hatched a plan to throw caution to the wind, venture into Central London and finally try sketch London’s afternoon tea. And yes, that did involve navigating the Christmas shoppers on both Oxford Street and Regent Street. I promise you I’m not completely crazy, perhaps 83% crazy but not much more ;)

My ever lovely, Bert-admiring, Stark enthusiast gal pal Sarah booked us in for their festive tea and, accompanied by Elodie, Lily and Hannah, we had a perfect afternoon! If you hadn’t already spied photos scattered quite righteously all over Instagram of sketch’s beautiful interiors, then just have a gander at this. Delicious.

The marshmallow coquettish pinkness of the entire room, rose gold bar and cheeky art adorning every wall combine for an offbeat yet undeniably British-quirk aesthetic that just adds to the wonderland feel of the whole experience. Here is an afternoon tea that really delivers... and not just by way of food.

After the exchanging of gifts and cards and having a jolly good natter as we always do – sorry that we always bully you Hannah! – we settled in with some tea of choice. Elodie and I opted for the Christmas Chai (a name I shall fully adopt soon, heheh), Sarah for the Earl Grey, Hannah for a blackcurrant and hibiscus number and Lily for a Japanese sencha. All very expected! As with most, if not all, afternoon teas, the tea is unlimited/refillable and we were welcomed to try different teas if we wished. In between gossiping and sharing all of our worldly tales, we hardly had time to sample other leaves!

I can safely say that sketch’s afternoon tea set far surpassed my expectations and might be the best I’ve tried so far! As far as the festive one went, I believe it remains true to the classic set, only with the addition of a Buche de Noel and unlimited champagne. Ideal.

My favourites were the Coronation Chicken sandwich – so moreish, melt-in-your-mouth flavours and almost fragrant bread, the ComtĂ© cheese Panini – served warm and wrapped with a miniature satin bow, the Buche de Noel and chocolate and mint gateau. We were most impressed with the service (even around our incessant chatting and laughing!) and by the refillable food – gimme all the sandwiches!

We were also rather awkwardly serenaded in the Gallery by a choir who sang Christmas carols. I think it was supposed to be for the ambience but the entire room turned to watch quietly and applaud! I never know what to do in these situations…

Hand on heart, I can think of few better ways to wile away a pre-Christmas afternoon than with my best Internet girls over unlimited finger food. And ham talk. We obviously pride ourselves on the very rich quality of conversation whenever we meet up. If you have a Mama or friend in town to impress, I would very much recommend booking in to sketch, it gets all the thumbs ups from our little lady clan!

Disclaimer: Not sponsored, yadda yadda. Paid for this all ourselves. Lil festive day trip.

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