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Part 2 of 'Blogging, A Popularity Race?'
After finally sharing this post last week, I thought I’d balance things out and write about the things I adore about blogging. I was – and still am! – worried that it all sounded too negative, when really I just wanted to air some of my thoughts that I’ve been bottling up year-round. By way of a follow-up, I simply think it’s very easy to criticise yourself when there is such a saturation in the community. You can read more of my follow-up remarks in the responses to comments on that post.

The Friendships and People
At the very tip top of my list is the friendships I’ve made through the blog. I sat down and thought about the friends that I speak to all the time and almost half of those are friends that I got chatting to over Twitter or that I forced to meet me met at events. In your twenties, it’s understandably difficult to meet new people and, hey, we’re all writing blogs or at least reading them for a handful of the same reasons, right? To me, meeting friends online is akin to having met friends at dance class. Through a hobby and shared interest. On top of that, I count my lucky stars to have such amazing, thoughtful, kind and inspiring readers: every time I post, I love reading through the comments and hearing your perspective on topics. I learn a little every time and I love hearing snippets about your lives too! Some of the girls that I’ve known “forever” in the blogosphere are the most inspiring gals I know and it’s so cool to see each of us carve our own paths, five or more years on.

One of the things that keeps me blogging is the freedom to write whatever I fancy! I spend almost 9 hours a day writing to briefs and adhering to various house styles and it’s great to get home, pour a beverage and let my thoughts spill out however they wish to onto the Daisybutter pages. The other week I created over 100 briefs for Bobbi Brown and couldn’t face writing about beauty any more, so I didn’t! Sometimes I write candid, lengthier posts and other times I like to just share pretty photos. Blogging is one of the few ways that, in adult world, you can truly express yourself however you’d like.

While I’ve always been a creative soul, blogging and the blogging world pushes and inspires me to be even more creative and strike out with new ideas all the time. I mentioned in last week’s post that often I feel stifled by the ‘trending’ writing and photography styles and an unspoken pressure to keep up, but that’s not to say it doesn’t also inspire me. I can be inspired by pristine flat lays, dreamy colour palette ideas and even by others’ desire to travel and run after their idyllic shot/post. Lately I am obsessed with Rosie’s videos and the rustic aesthetic over on her blog, Cider With Rosie, always a dreamy snippet into her countryside life.

If it wasn’t for blogging, I doubt I’d care so much about beautiful rays of golden sunlight pouring through my windows, the glitter upon the sea’s curves and waves, seeing little patterns and unities in everyday landscapes or for those meticulously placed decorations in cafes, restaurants and other nooks. I’m unapologetically addicted to Instagram and I love that, in being so, I’ve cultivated an eye for seeing beauty in the mundane. My non-Internet friends back home often comment that I always manage to make the world seem prettier and happier, and I love that idea!

Support and Encouragement
The inherently strong community here in Blogland is something I love. While at times it may not be obvious, we have such an amazing crowd of women (and men!) that empower other women. A comment here and there, sharing each other’s posts and content, a fist bump and power punch when one of us reaches a milestone, announces something cool or when huge life achievements are reached… I love it. I’ve seen some of my first ever blogging friends have babies, get married and move into their dream homes, and watched others release books and launch product lines, and any time that I’ve had something to share, I’ve seen it in return. Team Internet, you are the best.

I learn something new every day as a blogger. Whether that’s to do with blogging itself or something that spills out into real life, this community has opened my eyes up to so much. Hearing other people’s opinions on topics I’ve written about, reading about little chapters of your lives, empathising with others’ life decisions around eating, living, dreaming, and more, the possibilities are limitless.

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

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