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12 long-haul flight essentials. In Michelle's world.
With a bit of scheduling magic in my (robe) pocket*, this post comes to you as I hop off my plane following a 13-hour flight. I’ve grown up taking many a long-haul flight as my parents are from Hong Kong and Malaysia, a.k.a. the literal other side of the world from where I’ve been raised, and now that I’m into my twenties, I’d like to think I’ve nailed it on the flight essentials. Here’s my carry-on staples, a winter rotation:

My Beauty Diary Sheet Mask: (unpictured) I think the concept of taking a face mask to use on the plane has become one of those age-old beauty myths because ‘omgz who does that?!’ The truth is, on long-haul flights especially, the cabin air is gross and dries your skin out and when you’ve been sat with the same bunch of people for half a day, slapping on a sheet mask feels pretty normal. I took my favourite Coix Seed Essence mask with me ready for plumped up, fresher skin upon landing. I tend to use this towards the end of the flight, you know, when your skin has pretty much had all it can handle. If you’re not quite at the stage of slapping a sheet mask on, I usually have the Origins Drink-Up Intensive Mask decanted into a tub too. Smells delicious and makes my skin look beautifully glowy and well-rested.

Aesop Hand Cream: When it comes to feeling comfortable on a flight or indeed any public transport, I rely heavily on fresh and comforting scents. For me, this is by having a mint and nice-smelling hands. Don’t ask me why! If you catch me on a train snacking on a mint, I’m probably trying to calm my travel anxiety! This hand cream by Aesop is a two-year long favourite. I love it. It sinks it quickly and doesn’t leave your hands greasy, ideal for having on your desk or when you’re a handy kinda gal. I decanted a bit into a tub for my flight, don’t you worry your pretty little mind.

Nuxe Lip Balm: Brought my Nuxe lip balm with me after much to- and fro-ing about whether a tube balm might be better. Truth of the matter is that I know I’ll need the extra moisture that my Nuxe balm offers on a long-haul flight. In it goes.

Rilakkuma Mirror: In case I spy my one true love on the flight and need to check up on my unmade-up face. Heh.

Nintendo 3DS XL: With my beloved tablet having seemingly died a death, I’ve brought my 3DS for in-flight entertainment. I honestly never watch the in-flight films and all that jazz. I tend to watch a few minutes and then give up for some reason! I digress. Brought my 3DS along so that I can work on my Pokemon badge game and add to my Animal Crossing town, as well as so I can play with my best friend upon arrival. Oh yeah; this girl is flying hundreds of miles so she can battle her best friend’s Pokemon squad while sipping hot chocolate.

iPod Touch: Call me old school but I always separate my music from my phone. Unless my iPod is out of battery, in which case I plug in to Spotify on my phone, I always have it with me. Minus my really ropey old earphones that make me feel like I’m listening to my music from the bottom of the ocean. I even got REALLY excited about 2 months ago and created a playlist just for the flight! Alongside that, I’m obsessively listening to Justin Bieber – ‘Purpose’ and f(x) – ‘4 Walls’ lately. Two beyond-good albums!

Frends Layla Headphones: I picked up a set of Frends headphones on Black Friday and they arrived just in the nick of time for my flight. The sound quality is pretty damn good and I'm sure they'll make my flight much more bearable!

The White Company Cashmere Socks: My gorgeous F&F girlies from my last job gifted these to me when I left England last year and I’ve of course cracked them back out for the flight back. These are resoundingly soft and warm, enveloping my tootsies when it gets super cold. I’m doing the overnight trip so I just know it’ll be freezing when I’m attempting to sleep, as always.

Lavender Oil: I’m not a nervous flyer (just a terrible train passenger) but I’ve been sleeping terribly recently so I thought I’d pack my lavender oil just in case. Not much else to note here! I tend to pop some on a flannel and breathe it in or dab a tiny amount inside my elbows for a really light fragrance.

And no, I’m still not used to 13-hour flights and the horrendous jet lag. Find me on Twitter to see how I’m faring this time around.

* Assuming the Hogwarts uniform designer had the foresight or crystal ball to include pockets.

How I really carried my products. Such glam. Much plastic.

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