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As the week winds down to a close, it seems that spirits are only being lifted further and an undeniably festive mood is settling upon us all! Not that I’m complaining, I feel like my entire year has been building up to this moment. This week simply flew by in the blink of an eye, didn’t it?! Where did I leave things with my Life Lately tales? Ah, yes, here, with many Snoopy photos!

Well, life lately has been a bit of everything.

Firstly, let's address this Christmas forest of fir trees in my office, shall we?! Shared this photograph on Instagram yesterday and everyone was in utter disbelief that these are our decorations at work! Trust me when I say that I'm the most surprised of us all! I've truly hit the jackpot with offices here in Hong Kong; Lane Crawford, ya did so good. I'm almost excited to head to work on Monday and smell those fresh trees again. I said 'almost'.

My friend Sharon moves home to England today after a year's stint of teaching English here in Hong Kong. It feels so odd to be seeing her off again! Only in August last year were we hastily bidding each other farewell in a pub in our hometown, before I accidentally landed a job in Hong Kong too and we were united again. It feels a lot less sad this time because, hey, we’ve done it before! To celebrate/commiserate, we decided to head to Disneyland last weekend for a good ol’ jolly as the Christmas month rolled around.


Hong Kong’s Disneyland is a cute little rendition of its big sister counterparts in Paris and the US. The Cinderella castle is teeny tiny (much like us!) and it was swelteringly warm but we had the best time snapping away on Main Street (it always, always brings me back to my childhood visits to Disneyland Paris), seeing the live shows and hitting up some rides. And, actually, having seen everybody’s replies to my Tweet, I feel oh so lucky that I can pop to Disneyland on a HK$14 MTR ride and in 40 minutes of my time! Gosh, I really don’t like having taken things for granted.

We snapped many an obligatory selca in Minnie Mouse ears, laughed a lot and soaked up that incomparable strain of Disney joy. I mean, I didn’t even realise I loved Disney this much!

Meet my new Baymax Tsum Tsum!


I’m currently hastily trying to complete my Christmas shopping with the realisation that I fly home for the holidays in 9 days. I have one more weekend, technically, until I’m back on home turf and my Dad and Granny are both still present-less! And I thought I was so prepared…! How are you all doing on the Christmas gifting front? Good?

In foodie news, I rustled up this yummy (heh, I’m biased I guess) cold soba noodle dish for dinner the other night. Well, two nights, solo living problems! It’s a classic Japanese meal that is served with dipping sauce and a generous helping of dry seaweed and it’s also one of my favourite recipes. Thank God for finally finding the perfect gluten-free buckwheat soba! I would share my method but it’s so easy that I don’t need to, right? { psst, click here for a guide }


Anyway, I’m headed out now! Yes, I’m leaving the house on a Sunday afternoon! I’m booked in for an eyelash extension appointment and I’m hoping that I’ll also be able to pick up those gifts for Dad and Granny Daisy before I return. Thank you again for the kind responses to my post the other day, I honestly didn’t expect so many lovely comments and it really made me realise that I might do things right once in a while, actually. I finally feel happy and positive about the year to come and I even feel inspired to pick up my DSLR to shoot some beautiful photographs again. (Sorry again for all the phone photos in recent months! I’m so lazy.) I’ll see you here again tomorrow for a shiny new post ♥

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  1. I think those Minnie ears should be a staple every day Mish!
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