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Obligatory pre-holiday announcement.
Heheheh… what a post title eh? I’m flying home to England this evening for the holidays and I’m so excited I’ll probably spend my day in various states of emotional distress. I'm at work today and then I'll be picking up my suitcase full of presents and LUSH goodies (I've had a 14-month no-bathtub stint, okay?!) from my postage stamp-sized apartment, heading to the airport and catching a just-before-midnight flight (:

Like I’ve mentioned countless times, I’ll be back for almost 2 weeks and I have plenty of plans in the pipeline including afternoon tea with my best blogging ladies, lazy afternoons with the best friends, reuniting with my Mama (haven’t seen her or hugged her in over a year >____<“) and, of course, immersing myself in the festive spirit in London as I do every year. I'm feeling a little anxious purely because I haven't seen everybody in so long and I'm scared everything will be too different, but I'm also anxious because of the heightened terror alert in the country at the moment. I (sadly) rarely touch on things like this on the blog but I'm honestly, genuinely nervous. *insert facts about being more likely to be attacked by a shark here* But I'll be in the city not the sea. Sassy info desk emoji.

I haven’t quite worked out how much I’ll be blogging but you’ll be able to keep up with my shenanigans on Instagram and Twitter as usual. Perhaps I'll cobble together a few photo diaries as I've packed up all my cameras! And this time I’ll actually be on the same time zone as many of you! Life on the other side of the world means so many time difference woes, heh.

See you on the flip side!

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