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A little catch-up, in a bid to feel more festive.
Somehow it’s Christmas next week. Next week! I seem to have misplaced my festive vibes somewhere along the way over the weekend and my Christmas playlists have been replaced by an overplay of Justin Bieber’s Purpose album. I lie, that thing can’t be overplayed. Can’t put my finger on why I’m suddenly non-festive, but maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that a) every 25th of the month is a monthly Christmas for me, and b) I watched Elf in September. Instead I’ve been pottering around doing homey things and generally trying to sort out my oh so messy apartment.

Meet my new prints, by the way! Etsy very kindly gave me a gift card to indulge in some handmade treats of my choice a few weeks ago and some of my orders have finally begun to arrive. Etsy are expanding their profile in Hong Kong and it’s such a great platform to shop from in a city where shopping malls and huge labels are plenty. I really like supporting fellow creatives, bloggers and independent boutiques and I’m over the moon to have discovered this seller. dearcharliedesign sells foiled prints in handwritten type and her penmanship is simply beautiful. I picked up two Harry Potter quotes that I’ll be framing and propping up in the flat. You can shop them here, although she has closed the shop for the holidays!

My weekend was pretty slow and chilled. Vetoed leaving the apartment in favour of watching Clueless, Legally Blonde and Mean Girls (the holy trinity) while packing my suitcase, playing on my 3DS and catching up with Vlogmas videos! Yes, my eyeballs were protesting from all of the incessant viewing of videos. To add to the mix, I also got round to editing a new Hong Kong vlog!

I picked up two of these little rose gold fawn Christmas baubles the other evening, along with a cute panda in a stocking. They’re currently sitting pretty in my tree but I’ll be packing them up this evening so that they can join the Chai tree!

Last but not least, I just had to share this stack of chocolate fudge brownies that I whipped up to gift to various extended family members last week. Like I've mentioned before, none of my immediate family reside in Hong Kong anymore, but my Mama's cousin (therefore a generic Auntie label is given, thanks Chinese culture!) and her family often help me out with little things and have me over for dinner at Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, Halloween, etc. so that I'm not too alone. Whilst they don't celebrate Christmas and are not very materialistic, I wanted to gift them something to give my thanks, so my auntie and uncle got a huge jar of homemade brownies, my auntie got some Fortnum & Mason goodies and my uncle got a new laptop bag because I noticed that his one is falling apart at the seams ^____^*

I think that’s me over and out for the day! Need to try and up the festive mood...

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