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Happy Friday!

Launching way back when in 2010 when grainy photos were all the rage - and it was kinda like a dumping ground for filtered photos that could be pushed to Twitter and Facebook - baby IG has become a bona fide social media platform in its very own right. There’s something really pleasing about those squared-off snippets into somebody else’s life. It's fun to see beautifully polished glimpses of whatever's going on in a very small portion of someone else's mind, right? I personally spend much more time than I care to admit on the ol’ IG, sharing my own photos and avidly following on with everybody else’s. I like a mix of curated and polished ‘themed’ feeds, real life feeds, dedicated food feeds (good for whittling down my food options in the city!) and puppy feeds! Some of my favourites are from Japanese photographers who focus on nature and beautifully dreamy flowers. Too perfect.

Here are five of my favourite accounts at the moment.


Let me know if you’d like me to share more of favourites again soon and if you'd like a little 'How I Edit My Photos' post? Find me on Instagram at @winyeemichelle.

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