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100 Stories // * 3. Reconnecting with mornings.
Mornings get a bad reputation, don’t they? Always shunned in favour of prolonging the twilight before, mornings are a daily opportunity to start afresh, as the sun starts afresh bringing different beginnings for people all around the world. It’s good to reserve one morning each weekend to peek outside of your drawn curtains, early on, and take in the quiet niceties of an untouched day. Pour yourself a mug of warm water and dunk a slice of lemon into it with a sprinkle of sugar, if you so wish, or brew a mug of your favourite tea. Before you switch your phone back on, or, indeed, take it off that ubiquitous Night Mode, why not soak in the unfurling first moments of your day, unplugged and refuelling, taking in the smell of breakfast cooking, the remnants of yesterday’s perfume, the crackle and scent of your fresh candle?

But several things do also remain genuine questions despite this newfound preference for mornings. ’How can it be so warm inside my duvet cocoon and freezing a mere 5cm away?’ and ‘But there are 24 hours today, these two extra hours in bed won’t hurt, right?’

Well, there’s something undeniably serene, calming and centralising about getting up and sorted, a’okay, before 9am, even at weekends. Suddenly you have an extra hour to enjoy breakfast, perfect your eyeliner, complete your skincare routine, send a couple of ‘good morning’ and ‘hello just because’ messages. It’s a couple of moments more to simply adjust yourself to the day ahead and take the pressure off from faffing around trying to find an inevitably odd sock to pull on before hopping into your new boots and heading out to brunch.

To try:
+ Charge your phone in another room.
+ Set your alarm clock and then pop it at least five steps away from your bed.
+ Make a drink first, if you still want to curl back into the sheets afterwards.
+ Plan your outfit the evening before and have it laid out beside your alarm, ready to slip into.
+ Draw the curtains and open a window, even if just for a moment; breathe in the brisk winter air.
+ Share an Instagram of your view before the world awakens.

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