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Tips to help you unwind after work and create a happier, more content and, hopefully, more productive evening.
Like I’ve mentioned before, something that lots of my friends and fellow bloggers comment on is my inherent ability to remain happy, content and somewhat organised, no matter what life throws at me. Mostly. A lot of people comment on how I manage to juggle work, a blog and a semi-social life, and essentially what I do is implement a 5:2 lifestyle rule ;)

Five evenings at home and two out, per week. A homebody’s true kryptonite.

I’m trying to save money (read: I’m hardcore saving right now) and with the autumn nestling itself into all of our lives, it’s the ideal time to practice some self-care, unwind and get on top of things a little.

Here are some of my favourite ways to unwind after work to ensure an overall fresher and clearer mind:

A Walk
Whether on your own or with a friend, a little walk after work will do wonders for the mind. Particularly if you’re working in an office - I’m sure you too feel oddly lethargic after sitting down for almost 9 hours that day - a walk will up your minutes of activity for the day and it’s a great Internet-free way to soak up your surroundings. My best friend and I used to go for walks two or three times a week to trade stories, share secrets and put the world to rights just as the sun set and evening breeze hit.

Nap O’Clock
I’m the luckiest girl in all of the land because we have napping teepees, pods and hammocks in a Wellness Room at my office (I’m seriously, genuinely not kidding), but I often also take a short nap at home after work. Set your alarm for a 15-minute nap to refresh yourself and quieten the mind after noisy commutes. It’ll really help if you’re planning on working on other projects or perhaps your blog after dinner.

“Just one more episode”
Take the chance to get an episode down on whichever series you’re watching. If you’re a drama/anime addict like me, you’ll feel oddly cathartic having finished another episode. Even girls that want to conquer the world need to have some down time, after all.

Play Some Music
Remember in the days of the humble Walkman or your first radio, when you’d get home from school, play some music and just lie on your bed? Try that. All too often we get caught up in listening to music on the go, whilst texting or reading or going from place to place. One day this week, come home, pop some music on the speakers and just listen to it.

Prepare Food
I think the true sign of twenty-something hood is when you take preparing food or baking sweet treats to be a way of unwinding. Oops. I recently got into the whole ‘making meals that take more than 15 minutes to prepare’ thing, there’s something so rewarding about sitting down to a meal that you’ve prepared from scratch and it takes your mind off all else for a little while.

Compli-comment Somebody
A good way to cultivate a happier and more content life is to dish out the compliments. You know that feeling when someone on the street compliments you on your new skirt, or someone flatters you on your hair? (Why yes, I did brush it for the first time in a week: Monday rules.) Spread that positivity around and it’ll come back to you. I like to leave little notes, extended comments and Instagram compliments after work, it’s the tiny little things that’ll make your friends - and fellow bloggers - feel good, as well as yourself.

Hope you all have a lovely week! x

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