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一. It doesn't feel much like a Sunday today. Perhaps it's because I was forced (it's a hard life) to have two four-day weeks or perhaps it's because I'm ill again. For someone who never used to fall ill with colds and the like, it it fairly ridiculous to be on my 11th cold/flu of the year! How does this happen?! I've prescribed myself plenty of bed rest (except from right now, where I'm sat at my desk typing this and watching Arrow) and have been spending my weekend reading and sleeping. Excellent.

二. Yesterday evening I took my godmother Cecilia to the Charlie Brown Café in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. She ADORES anything to do with Snoopy and Peanuts and after walking past it so many times on Cameron Road, I knew her birthday would be the perfect time to visit. The décor was expectedly adorable and it's surprisingly roomy inside! Hong Kong eateries and indoor spaces in general are notoriously tiny. The food and drinks were average, but adorably stamped with motifs of Peanuts characters... which is pretty much why we went anyway! If you're also a Peanuts fan, I'd recommend popping in for a coffee and some cake. We also took a little walk around TST and spied some Christmas lights! The set-up on the harbour right by Harbour City is insanely pretty; it's sponsored by Disneyland this year and there's a little street set-up full of baubles and glittering lights!

三. Right now as I type this, I'm eyeing up the words 'Put up Christmas tree' and 'Wrap Christmas presents' on my to-do list. Yup! Long-term readers of Daisybutter will know that I am a Christmas obsessive, a festive fiend if you will. But as I'm flying home for Christmas on the 15th, I figured that if my tree goes up now, I'll get more 'use' out of it. You know? I'll keep you updated over on Twitter if I decide to do the deed...

四. This week I've been reading Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari. After watching Master of None, it seemed like pretty apt reading material and I've found myself nodding and chuckling along to so much of the first three chapters! Isn't it odd how times change and whoever doesn't text back at the end of a conversation has the upper-hand?! I don't know about you but I'm now a firm believer of 'text if you want to, don't text if you don't' mantra. Like, why should there be a whole game around who texts first, who texts last and how many minutes to wait in between?! Life is too short for that!

五. In boring household news, my TV and my fridge are both still broken. I'm fairly concerned but thankfully Hong Kong makes it easy to be fridge-less. I'm getting slightly sick of having to eat out or order in though -- please can I be able to cook again?! Should be getting my repaired fridge back on Thursday and then I can finally resume recipe posts and preparing features for A for Aesthetic! I'll never take that thing for granted again (nor will I take for granted the ability to breathe sans mouth).

Links Lately
  • Rae curated a post full of photographs of treehouses and camping alternatives on her blog earlier in the week that made me miss Secret Island Party and camping on the beach.
  • This (vegan!) supper club that Lily went to and posted about sounds so fun! The food looked amazing and I'm itching to recreate a dish for myself.
  • We launched G for Gifting over at A for Aesthetic which is a series of curated, shoppable gift guides. My little team has been working in overdrive across four cities and they're looking tip top!
  • Gem's recipe for Apple Pie Cookies (yes, you did read that correctly!) is giving me all sorts of joy. In fact, her second blog Mother Cooker is a definite must-follow.
  • This gift guide by Lauren is a great reference point for gifts that are a little more ethical. Each idea is thoughtful and centres around the idea of gifts that give back. Love!
  • Jenny shared a list of Festive Film Ideas which I've bookmarked for some Sunday evening viewing.
  • In this post, Rosie utterly knocks it out of the park again for her incomparable food photography and delicious homemade pizza recipe. Once I'm back in England with a proper kitchen, the little cub and I will certainly be attempting this!
  • Finally, this DIY hot beverage pin from Mei is SO adorable! It'd make a delightful little gift for a coffee-loving friend this Christmas!

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