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Happy Friday!

I brazenly scrapped my post for today and thought I’d have a little sit down and ponder some other things instead. (Although, it is currently Thursday evening in Hong Kong as I type this. Ain’t nothing like some scheduling and time zone magic.) Sometimes it’s nice just to unload lots of thoughts and memories all at once, right? Pull up a beanbag/other soft furnishing and grab a hot beverage, it’s a long one!

Pho with my auntie earlier in the week! & yum cha with my work girlies.
So I’m currently fridge-less, which is easily the most frustrating thing in the world, give or take ;) Honestly, I had no idea how much I depended on that thing! No milk for a morning tea, nowhere to stash chocolate (because it WILL melt) and no freezer drawer to stow ice-cream for Singles’ Day. Who even decides these holidays in Asia?! For the record, I spent it eating pasta in my underwear, watching Arrow and following dogs on Instagram. Real talk.

Today – as you read this, anyway! – I’m spending the day with my girl Winnie! I’ve been SO excited for her arrival: thankful for the blogging world bringing two near-identical souls together. Can’t wait to show her my new favourite places, eat and ‘gram lots of food, swap gossip and share stories! Let’s all convince her to move here too ;)

Really into matte nails (again) at the moment. A quick Google tells me this probably isn’t a huge beauty trend right now but matte burgundy tips on my short nails/tiny hands feels so elegant and polished. My favourites are the Barry M ones!

It was World Adoption Day on Tuesday, a movement designed to celebrate international adoption and highlight just how amazing adoption is. My beautiful friend Michelle shared it on her Instagram and of course I wanted to read up on the cause just to be in the loop but I wholeheartedly support it. I think adoption, particularly international adoption, is often taboo and it can feel like something celeb types do, but take a moment to think of the abandoned and/or orphaned kids around the world. Whether because of natural disasters or personal reasons, every human deserves a loving life. I’m an avid follower of this blog by Shay, who, with her beautiful family, adopted a little girl from China at the start of the year and it’s so humbling to see her once-shy daughter develop a huge personality and start a new chapter in her life.

I’m very much a hermit these days – perennial lack of friends – but managed to sneak in a Sunday excursion with one of my friends last weekend. We had a long, overdue catch-up over sushi and I forgot just how much fun I always have with him. Felt good to swap stories, be my true nerd and then sit out on a rooftop overlooking the skyline, drinking beers and having one of these weird deep, existential crisis conversations.

Hong Kong has finally dropped to the mid-20s, temperature wise, which means I can crack out the long sleeves and boots. I would do ANYTHING to have an autumn again, I’ve missed two now and that ain’t ideal. I’m really into camel jumpers and leather skirts right now. Tell me something I don’t know. After an entire 6-month summer of prancing about the city and its various beaches in white, pale denim and blush pinks, I’m welcoming black and navy once more. You know me ;) Also, I’m pretty much switching between my ChloĆ© Drew and Mulberry Alexa, bag wise. Dreamy.

I don’t think I could faithfully write this post without a gratuitous mention of little A! You might have noticed that I’m often missing on social media and that’s because all of my spare time is once again going into my beloved magazine. I’m so proud of its relaunch and I’m already working on elevating it to a whole new level. SOON. Watch this space. And in the meantime, come read along and subscribe here! Mwah.

With all of that said and done, this has been my week of hibernation. I’m SO tired after work and fatigued overall from anaemia that I usually get home and nap. Started watching Arrow at long last after having it in my Netflix queue for so long that it was making nervous. I’m already obsessed, FYI. The flashback scenes are my favourite! In similar news, I’m also watching Master of None and 10000% recommend it! I loved the episode about parents and related SO much to it. It’s Aziz Ansari’s new Netflix exclusive – go go go! Should I even go into all the anime I’m also watching? I know, I need a life…

What have you been up to lately? Gold star and black forest cupcakes for you if you actually made it this far!

PS. I fly home in 33 days YASSSS.

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