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The first Christmas gift guide of 2015, designed for the best friend.
Yes, it’s that time of year again already – gift buying and giving. I’ve decided to dedicate these two weeks on Daisybutter to introducing some darn good gift ideas because, if you know me, I’m a serial gifter. I’m that girl who brings just-because gifts to catch-up meals because I saw something amazing in a store. For my best friends, I usually work on creating hampers of little things for them. It makes it a little more fun to open and ekes out the feeling of actually opening a present too!

Fun-Loving Friends

For fun-loving friends, it’s easy to pick up a few novelty things and plan something to do together. Take a day out of your diary – this is the reality of twenty-something life! – and go shopping, for afternoon tea, explore a castle, visit some botanical gardens, hop on a ferry and visit an island. The little extra gifts can be themed around the day or simply be cute little treats to enjoy over the holidays.

The Girl Who Has Everything

I’ve included this one because my friends and family often note that I’m the kind of girl who wants something and then saves to get it herself. And I’ve reached an age where I don’t necessarily want “things” as gifts. (I have nowhere to put them…) For the girl who has everything, I recommend selections of pamper bits, a decorative bauble (for her next tree!), pretty collectibles of her favourite book or a really ridiculously extravagant bag of tealeaves or coffee beans.

Finally, if you have a friend that’s always on a mission, perhaps she’s working on her dissertation or has just started a new job, maybe she’s a businesswoman, or maybe she’s just an overall boss, this little hamper is a good idea. I included these sh!t hot pompom shoes, a handful of notebooks, a pot of camomile tea leaves and some sweet treats because a girl still needs chocolate when conquering the world!

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