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Hello and welcome back to another installment of Food for Thought! I 100%, wholeheartedly meant for a follow-up to be shared a few weeks ago but life got the better of me and it kept getting pushed down in my to-do list. Like I mentioned before, FFT is a little forum where we can have a chinwag away from the character-limit-confines of Twitter and to encourage a little conversation in the blogosphere again. It’s pretty difficult to comment on blogs all the day, I get it

So, let’s get this started, shall we?

  1. How are you today? Is it the morning, afternoon or evening where you are, right now?
  2. What piques your curiosity the most?
  3. Share something interesting that you’ve read this week with me.
  4. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?
  5. What’s your favourite fruit and why?
  6. If money, time and distance were no object, where would you love to visit?
  7. What’s the best hot beverage in the world?
  8. Are you ever curious about where in the galaxy deleted files go to after they leave your virtual Bin?
  9. What is one fact about yourself that I probably didn’t already know?
  10. And finally, again, tell me one thing that has made you giddy-happy recently.

Here’s me, right now.

  1. I’m pretty good. Feeling happy that Christmas is just around the corner. It’s the morning and I’m writing this as I await today’s job assignment list at work.
  2. The things that make me most curious are the night sky and wondering how everybody’s lives somehow intertwine with each other. This is a small world when you sit and consider it.
  3. I read this feature last week(?) and instantly saved it to my bookmarks. I never really thought too much about China’s One-Child Policy after studying it briefly at school. Of course I knew about it and the situation, but it never spoke to me until I moved to Hong Kong and met girls from China who are only children and who enlightened me about the hardships of the policy. It fascinated me and I’m even more intrigued now that the policy has been stopped. I often considered things like adopting a girl from China (in the far future!!) after hearing about the situation.
  4. I started mine a fortnight ago! Mish is a Christmas elf.
  5. My favourite fruits are kiwi, longan and bananas. I remember I used to love eating kiwi from its skin with a teaspoon as a child and I still do that now!
  6. I have a huge list of places that I want to visit but top of the list right as this very moment is South Korea! I want to traipse around Seoul and enjoy a weekend at Jeju Island.
  7. Hands down a humble flat white. Or the hot chocolate with marshmallows from this adorable teahouse in my hometown in England.
  8. I honestly wonder about this every single day of my life. Like, are they partying hard in a secret abyss somewhere?
  9. My moon sign is Libra.
  10. Something that made me giddy-happy lately… Oh! I know! I know! Last week on my commute to work I spied these two twin baby boys who can’t have been more than a year old, clutching tight to their pram and laughing with each other, smiling into each others’ eyes. I’d love to know their baby twin secrets! What an adorable bond, eh? It made me broody for a whole 5 minutes.

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