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"She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers." Yeah I went there.

Hello and welcome to life IN NOVEMBER. Yes. You read that correctly and no I am not wearing sleeves. Je ne comprends pas.

Thought I'd take advantage of this sports ground just outside of my office block last week to snap a quick photo on my phone of my outfit. Currently sehr thankful for working in fashion~* and thus my colleagues fully 'getting' the outfit photos thing ;) This entire year, for me, has been about a relaxed, summery, bohemian aesthetic of whites, washed denim and blush pinks. It's kind of cemented a signature look for me, defined by girlishness, the new femme and all that jazz. I rediscovered my boyfriend jeans - the Levi's 501's - over the summer and managed to wear them to the point of comfier-than-sweatpants. YASSS.

I shared these photos on Instagram the other day, of a little cafe that's near my office. I'm forever hanging out in these converted industrial spaces and feelin' like an uber-cool city gal. Reality: I'm currently sitting on my sofa wrapped in a blanket and wearing no trousers. Yeaaah buddy. It's so funny to me, sometimes, that I manage to find the cutest, most aesthetically pleasing, places that could be plucked out of any ol' place. New York? London? Hong Kong? Who knows?

It feels so odd to sit and read or look at everybody's photos back home, drenched in sienna red, burnt orange and rich berry hues while I'm in a perennial summer! Everyone pray for Mish!

Tell me something fun about your weekend (: I'm off to work on A and pick myself a weekly research topic! ♥
(Ruffle collar pleated shell top • Topshop • £18;
Roll neck tunic top • Topshop • £36;
Fringe trim tank top • Topshop • £10;
Levi's 501 Classic Vintage Wash jeans • Levi's • £90;
'Sugar' tassel suede slipper shoes • Topshop • £24;
'Drew' mini grainy leather shoulder bag • ChloĆ© • £1,090.)
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