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It’s been ages since I did something and want to write a post about it immediately so I thought I’d take that opportunity now.

Last night I went to the cinema to finally see The Intern and it was SO good. I hardly ever go to the cinema nowadays, considering my ex-boyfriend and I used to go at least once or twice a week. But it was good, chill, a little solo trip after work. To be honest I didn’t even know anything about the storyline, I just find the whole intern topic really interesting, having gone through that slog myself. Without spoiling anything, GO AND SEE IT NOW. I really resonated with a lot of the plot, especially having just relaunched my business, and in fact having to decide between careers and relationships before. What can I say? Anne Hathaway has redeemed herself!! And Robert de Niro was spot on. No spoilers.

This week I’ve been feeling super lethargic and bloated. Can’t work out which food intolerance it is this time but all I want to do is feast on gluten-free pitta and hummus in bed. Speaking of which – obsessed with my fresh bedsheets. They’re the crochet ones I picked up over the summer but I’ve been too scared to use them. ‘Tis the season to be cosy though, so on they went. I flicked through my photo archives last night until past 1am and reminisced on all of the fun blog moments I've had thus far and remembered the mini back stories of all of my outfit posts and it was nice. I feel very lucky and content right at this moment.

Oh! Speaking of feeling content, I ordered my The Happiness Planner 2016 on Becky's recommendation. SO excited for it to arrive - I actually ordered it to my England address; SQUEE that it's close enough to Christmas for me to do that! You can get $5 off your preorder courtesy of me by clicking here!

After work today, I’ll probably head home, make some Greek gyro, work a little on A, and watch some more ‘Twenty Again’. And I can't wait. Perfect. How about you? x

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