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20 things about the Hong Kong lifestyle.
I'm often asked how my lifestyle in Hong Kong varies from my old one back in England and it's always difficult to make a 'correct' judgement. To be honest, I always see my lifestyle in England as a little different to most, coming from Chinese parents but raised in a British environment. But then I started tapping away and the answers are clear. And they don't always make sense. Meet my Hong Kong lifestyle and observations in list form:
  1. Queuing like your life depends on it.
  2. Catching minibuses that one could compare to the Knight Bus. No bus stop, no station, no stand. Telling the driver to turn around in order to get off. Not even lying.
  3. Not leaving the apartment without pocket tissues, hand sanitiser, a plethora of essential cards and bottle of water.
  4. Making remarks of how the traffic is so clear when it only took you an hour to make a 10-minute journey after work.
  5. When the skies may be blue in the morning but you know to pack wellies and an umbrella for the impending typhoon at 1pm.
  6. Lifts that travel to the 42nd floor so fast that your ears pop.
  7. Always take the cargo lift.
  8. The best places - shops and restaurants - (and the cheapest) are always upstairs.
  9. Treating yourself to a 90 minute queue at Teawood because that toast dessert, man.
  10. When a $2.80 ferry is your commute transport of choice. That’s 20p people. Twenty English pennies.
  11. Not being a fan of milk but suddenly finding yourself buying a mini carton of milk for breakfast in the mornings and feeling 5 y/o again.
  12. Doing the air-con drip dance on your walk home.
  13. Feeling like an oddball for not being glued to your phone.
  14. Trying to work out why pants and sweaters are a thing when it’s meant to be British English here. Say no to z’s unless you’re sleeping.
  15. Candy Crush Saga. It never stopped being a thing.
  16. Minions for days.
  17. Finding yourself eating dinner at 10pm to be a normal thing.
  18. Buying dehumidifiers with your weekly shop.
  19. Having to wear a coat indoors and strip when you’re outdoors.
  20. Trying very hard to decide between nice shoes for Hong Kong Island or seriously-practical trainers.

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