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Imagine an island… Far away from the bustling streets and noise… our partiers will be pirated by moonlight across the high seas to a secret island filled with enchantment and wonder.
At the weekend, I went to the Secret Island Party festival in Hong Kong. We booked tickets ages and ages ago, despite feeling fairly uneasy about the elusiveness of it all! In fact, even having returned from it, I couldn't tell you where the secret island was!

I'm not much of a festival girl, as documented before, but the promise of fairies, fables and fairytales drew me to this one and even though the music wasn't particularly to my taste, not much beats live music, amazing food and drink, plus arts and crafts. We camped out on the beach under the stars (every part as magical as it sounds! You all know of my inane adoration of the night sky!) and wandered through canopies of trees lit up by firefly lights.

Ingredients for a Mish-Friendly Festival:
  • Beef & Liberty for food sustenance
  • Rose-tinted fairy lights hanging from low-lying trees
  • The gentle ebb and flow of the tide
  • Balancing rocks!!
  • Gin and jasmine tea infused cocktails - Nice Pops continue to be the best
  • Waking up at dawn to the soft crash of saltwater waves, in my 1989 sweatshirt

Arrived to beautiful weather, slight nervous anticipation over the secretive nature of everything and also to a bacon butty.

All the bohemian vibes. It felt really good to be stranded with no phone signal or WiFi, just at one with the island, dreamcatchers and lace ribbon hung everywhere. My dream garden decor, FYI!

I didn't snap too many photos when the sun set and the music blared. It was so fun with live music from different music stages, industrial lightbulbs out, a crescent moon shining high above us and everyone embracing their inner nomad.

After a spot of late night wave watching and star gazing (easily my favourite things, just after lakeside walks), we woke up the sound of softly crashing waves, people still looking for their tents from the night before (LOL) and people having some early morning laughs and guitar jams. Sounds so cliche, and I guess it was, but it was pretty darn good.

TL;DR? Here's a little vlog!

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