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Things to do this October.
Somehow it’s October! September was all kinds of madness for me so it literally went in the blink of an eye. Having launched something pretty big last week - come and join us here! - this month’s goals are simple and small, just to keep me busy before my girl Winnie arrives to take over my food and shopping life (YAY) and before I head home for Christmas.

But first, a recap on last month’s to-do list:
  • Stop wimping out of twice-weekly interval training.
  • Clear out my wardrobe of clothes past their sell-by date and take them to H&M's recycle scheme.
  • Completely refresh my lingerie collection.
  • Begin finalising the first chapter of my novella.
  • Flesh out plans for autumn/winter mini blog series.
  • Up my monthly savings to 60% of my salary.
  • Finally visit Lido Beach.
  • Tick off at least 4 places on my Places To Eat list.
  • Shoot at least one outfit post.
  • Go on a long walk at least once a week.
  • Stop 'saving' my favourite outfits for special occasions and wear them whenever I want to.
  • Bake sweet treats for the girls at work.
Shall I be completely honest? I didn’t work out once in September! I didn’t even manage to keep up with my squat challenge. I was ill for 3 whole weeks and then I got busy/discovered some new anime series, so there’s that. When I was diagnosed with anaemia in August I was advised against exercising so much (especially as I walk a lot, being a city girl) but I’m going to get back into the game this month, I always feel better when I’ve pushed time aside to workout. I also didn’t manage to clear my wardrobe, but that’s mostly because I noticed that the return is a 10% discount of an item of your choice. I’m going to bag up some clothes and take them to a women’s shelter instead.

Onto things that I did do: I’ve been working on so many autumn/winter blog posts! I had a stroke of inspiration the other night and cracked out lots of new posts. I’ve also truly upped the game on the outfit post front and shared lots of new looks this month. Makes me realise how much I’d missed that aspect of my blog. Whilst I didn’t quite make it to Lido Beach, I have visited lots of semi-new food places and been on several long walks. Or strolls. It’s still unbearably hot here.

October’s list:
  • Afternoon tea with Jade!
  • Visit the beach.
  • Go to Ted’s Lookout.
  • Change my blog layout.
  • Plan presents and Christmas shop!
  • Catch up on my Project Life scrapbook.
  • Declutter the apartment. (Oops.)
What are your plans for the month?

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