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When I start considering a big purchase, I get a little obsessed with working out when I can realistically afford it and when to get it. I’ve actually shared a post all about saving up for big things here if you want a read. I’ve been considering this since March (or maybe April) but ended up hitting a different milestone first, teehee.

On Friday after putting away my monthly allocation for ye olde house deposit, I decided to take the plunge and pick up my new wardrobe baby: meet Chloé Drew. A bit of a blogger and industry favourite at the moment, there’s something about Chloé that just gets me. Maybe it’s the pretty whimsicality or the sense of something delicate yet grounded, but Chloé is one of those key fashion houses that my friends often link to me.

I chose the grainy leather blush pink one after picking a pretty bold creamsicle hue for my Baylee. The blush pink is soft and feminine and it’ll lend well to day and evening occasions, plus it’s arguably the signature colour palette of Chloé, right?

The leather on this badboy is so soft and pretty, but the graininess means that it doesn’t take much of a bashing when you’re out and about. Made in Italy, the Drew features that signature tube-and-chain hardware and - what I like to call - swimming pool barrier top. I ended up selecting the medium size (there’s a mini and small, too!) because it can even fit a continental purse, which I find rare with oddly shaped bags. Inside it’s just a plain main compartment with natural suede lining and a little slip pocket that’s good for storing travel cards and pocket mirrors.

Next stop: a house. Seriously, yell at me any time I mention handbags, interiors or other unnecessary spends. Oh, and let me know if you’d like an updated What’s In My Bag video!
Disclaimer: I bought this bag myself after saving slowly for 6 months. Just wanted to share it in all of its’ glory for those interested! I've included some more affordable 'dupes' below (:
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