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Likes of the non-Instagram variety.
The anticipation of seeing a friend after a long time. Fluttering in the heart. Finding the perfect grey sweatshirt on a rail. Waking up with non-smudged, freshly painted nails on a Monday. Taking a huge post-anxiety breath. Changing up my motivational quote desktop wallpaper on a Wednesday. Alphabetised book shelves. Inbox (0). When friends randomly text you with memories from years ago. Daydreams. Daydreams that become reality. Rediscovering songs from your teenage years on Spotify. Cake surprises. Finishing a chapter as you arrive at your destination.

Getting the air-con balance right for the entire night. Waking up before my alarm: time for activities! Midweek ferry rides home. Chain-watching an anime in its entirety. Nailing a new recipe. G-Dragon selcas. Skype calls that last for hours and hours. That melty gooey feeling. Jaffa cakes. Crisp cool hometown air. Six-pack laughing. Orangina. Making magazine tears. Discovering a perfect makeup look combo for the very first time. Satisfying a food craving. Fearless by Taylor Swift. Golden hour in London. Stepping off the train upon arrival in my hometown. Second-day hair. Homemade garlic bread.

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