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5 things that I'm grateful for this week.
IT’S FRIDAY! And I’ve had a pretty good week actually, so I haven’t felt the need to sprinkle Fri-YAY everywhere like I usually, annoyingly, do. Heh. I was working on another Food for Thought post but the words weren’t coming to me so instead you get an impromptu “things I’m grateful for but never tell anyone” post. YAY. Fri-YAY; I guess we came full circle in the end.

  1. BEAST. I don’t think I share my K-pop side enough on the blog; I often get comments and Tweets saying they had no idea about my K-pop love. I think I said it a while ago but I’ve listened almost exclusively to K-pop, C-pop and Taylor Swift since I was about 15 so I hardly ever comment about music with friends because they used to just think I was weird. Long story aside, us B2UTIES celebrate six years with these boys this week! Six. Years. My only relationship longer than that is the one with Big Bang. (Ah my life…) I’m grateful to Beast for being that one group who overcame so many pre-debut hardships and made their dreams reality. Every time I listen to Beast – which I did all day yesterday, of course! – it feels like home. I’ve truly grown up with these six guys.
  2. Kayleigh and Wayne. My offline best friends. I'm so grateful for my best friends from home this week. I’m grateful for them all the time but I’ve known these two for 10 years and it’s comforting to know that away from my weird fashion side and online life, these two are always there to listen to my weird, weird stories and offer their questionable advice.
  3. White sheets. Oh my gosh. White sheets are something that you don’t realise you need until you’ve taken the clumsy plunge once and for all. I picked up some bargain crochet trim ones from Ikea in a summer sale and finally popped them on at the weekend – it’s like sleeping in a hotel every single night and it’s so Instagrammable.
  4. Lauren. I was going to make this an overarching ‘online people gratitude’ point but this post from Lauren really made me smile earlier in the week on a day where work was stressful, life was anxiety filled and the fridge was too far away. Thank you Lauren!
  5. Etude House Play 101 Sticks. If you don’t already one or eight (oops), then you need one. I’m really into using 4 and 5 to brighten and add shimmer to my waterline lately; late nights from watching K-dramas – ironically – mean that my eyes look less than awake, but I adore these liners to open them again. They also do worldwide shipping, so it’s totes worth a look!
Tomorrow I’m headed to the Secret Island Party in Hong Kong. It’s a weekend festival on an unknown island, but we’re only doing one night there. If I make it back, you can expect a photo diary of some sort! For now, don’t forget to find me on Instagram at @winyeemichelle to keep up with my daily shenanigans. I’m much more active on there than I am here, oddly.

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