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Say you'll remember me. 
Hi Internet! I thought it was about time that I checked in around here for an of-the-moment catch-up. Suddenly found myself in a situation of having more posts to share than time to do so and, you know me, I like just putting a playlist on and offloading thoughts that I’m too scared to say out loud ;) so let's do this, old-school style, a lil chinwag, a cuppa tea, Taylor's new MV

一. Firstly, I’m okay. By the way. Thank you so much to the absolute sweethearts that have sent me pretty notes in my emails or Twitter DM's, I've appreciated them more than I can ever express. I think one of the reasons I share but don’t share much (in the grand scheme of things) is because I worry that people will worry. But I’m fine, in the words of ye olde Ross Geller. By the time ~personal*~ features make it onto here, I’ve already dissected them a billion times over with my friends. After my mini meltdown earlier in the month, I’m much better overall!

二. After my little fainting episode and general ill health last month, I’ve been diagnosed with anaemia. It doesn’t surprise me actually because I struggle a lot with fatigue and I’m prone to passing out already. Ironed out – nudge nudge wink wink ;) please don't ban me from the Internet – a new diet to stick to and I’m just generally taking things a bit slower. Things are good. I’m just struggling with the ‘no caffeine’ thang. Also! How hilarious is that my follow-up appointment with the hospital is scheduled for October… 2016?! My diary doesn't even go that far! If anybody has any tips and tricks diet-wise, I'd love to hear them!

三. I’m really into YouTube at the moment. Finally got into the swing of my own videos and I’m positively bubbling with new ideas and excitement to film at every opportunity! I have so many plans for the channel, I just need some more time to get down to it. Adult and full-time job problems.

四. Went to an amazing Indian restaurant at the weekend that I still can’t get over. Like, if I could eat there 3 or more times a day, I probably would. I’m not sure if I’ve taken enough photos to compile a blog post, but perhaps expect that soon after I’ve got through my current set of posts! I tried kulfi for the first time and I'm genuinely craving some more now.

五. Can we take a moment to talk about the dreamboat-goddess-Queen that is Taylor?! Of course you knew my love for her already but if you haven't already seen, her video for 'Wildest Dreams' is out and it is so damn good. Additionally, all the proceeds raised from the video are going towards African Animal Conservation Charities! What a babe.

While we're here, let's do a sneaky September to-do list, eh? Old-school all-the-things-in-one-post post ;)

10 things to check off this month.
  1. Stop wimping out of twice-weekly interval training.
  2. Clear out my wardrobe of clothes past their sell-by date and take them to H&M's recycle scheme.
  3. Completely refresh my lingerie collection.
  4. Begin finalising the first chapter of my novella.
  5. Flesh out plans for autumn/winter mini blog series.
  6. Up my monthly savings to 60% of my salary.
  7. Finally visit Lido Beach.
  8. Tick off at least 4 places on my Places To Eat list.
  9. Shoot at least one outfit post.
  10. Go on a long walk at least once a week.
  11. Stop 'saving' my favourite outfits for special occasions and wear them whenever I want to.
  12. Bake sweet treats for the girls at work.
All my love,
Mish x

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