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Some new YouTube videos (:
Slap. On. The wrist. After finally getting really into YouTube, I got super busy in September and didn’t upload in ages. Promise I’ve been filming here and there for some new content though, it’s been too unbearably hot to move. Basically. Either way, I thought I’d share some of my newest videos on here, shake off all my embarrassment and let those of you who haven’t heard me talk IRL before do so!

Collective Haul
Filmed this one last weekend, a collective haul of things I probably shouldn’t have been buying. This is an amalgamation of around a month’s worth of shopping and in my defence, I’m now not shopping until Christmas because it’s gift buying season! My favourite!

Customise with Me
I always wanted to tap into the geekier side of my personality on my YouTube channel. I feel like there are so many facets of me that have never been shared! And I’m a huge Android aficionado, so here’s my August video of how I customise my phone like a BOSS. Hoping to film more along these lines soon!

August Lookbook
I’d really like to start doing these monthly and in beautiful outdoor landscapes but sadly loner me does not currently have the resource to be trekking around and forcing kind strangers to help execute my cinematography plans. But you never know, watch this space (and video)!

Handbag Collection
Something I am regularly asked about is my handbag collection so in this video I talk through the bags that I have here with me in Hong Kong. Little anecdotes, information about each bag and feeling guiltier by the moment all included ;) By the by, if you want any in-depth reviews or a tips on selecting luxury designer handbags, do let me know in the comments and I can film one soon!

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