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The truths we all know to be true.
  1. I hate marble except from when it’s on the floor in our house in Malaysia.
  2. Sometimes our outfit photos are shot in batches of four lugging a bona fide suitcase around the city/town and strategically changing in cars.
  3. I often eat Coco Pops for breakfast and avocados are an Instagram fodder treat. Just pop dat plate on various surfaces to use on separate days eh?
  4. I can’t stop looking at landscapes in square formations and always considering the colour palette between that and the previous one.
  5. I have previously ordered a meal for its aesthetics over its taste.
  6. Any given assortment of items are being mentally moved into a flatly if I’m around.
  7. My mind is never quiet. If I’m at dinner, I’m potentially reviewing the meal, snapping an Instagram, building a Tweet and considering locations for the accompanying outfit post.
  8. When I shop, I can reel off the 10 bloggers that have the top/skirt/bag on the rail.
  9. Evening events and networking parties mean canap├ęs for dinner. Don’t judge me for finding the kitchen door and nesting there for an hour.
  10. We’re the editorial team, production team, photography studio, marketing team and publicists for our platform. We need more arms please, science.
  11. I own at least one pair of shoes that I’ve only worn once and that was on the blog. Whoops.
  12. I don’t really like macarons and this makes me sad. I mean, I can eat them, but they just don’t get me like a chocolate cream eclair does.
  13. I’m not really Tweeting on the hour every hour. Shock horror.
  14. Sometimes I’m sad that mirror photos aren’t a thing anymore because my phone case game is literally so strong, people.
  15. Ironic Internet sayings that I once told myself were strictly for #relatable Tweets and Instagram posts have somehow squeezed their way into my everyday life. Help.
  16. I often wonder why I don’t bump into more bloggers on my Muji shopping trips or Ikea meatball run.
  17. Blogger phrases often seep into everyday conversation and are greeted with looks and side-eyes of, ‘WTF’.
  18. I have severe trouble trying to work out how non-bloggers function without makeup tutorial videos, posts with tips for every possible situation or being able to consult beauty bloggers before offhandedly buying a new cleanser.
  19. Ditto that for Instagram and Twitter. What are they possibly Tweeting?!

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