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Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: what I wore, how to style a duster jacket for the autumn, denim shorts outfit

Autumns in Hong Kong. Er, yeah. Not many crisp orange leaves or, indeed, crisp autumn air.
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Today I’m at home as it’s a public holiday here in Hong Kong. All Mondays should be spent at home in my opinion… I haven’t got much on the agenda today as this is a pretty family-centric holiday and mine are a flight away! Not to worry though, I picked up my huge Amazon book order at the weekend and after an uphill struggle with their astronaut cardboard packaging (anyone got tips for getting into those badboys without a hundred scrapes and cuts?), I’m eyeing up my shiny new tomes for today’s offline entertainment.

I got my colleague and friend Cherie to shoot these outfit photos, quite simply, on my phone last week. This is an outfit I’ve been dying to wear since I picked up this duster about 3 weeks ago! I really like the whole play-on-lengths trend and have been snapping up all the lengthy things lately. Nearly-hot pants are okay if you’re covered up past the knees eh?

Right now I’m chain-watching a new anime on the recommendation of Marzia. Himouto! Umaru-chan is another one of those nonsensical animes much like Lucky Star that I always fall back into watching, and Umaru is pretty much me in a fictional character. If you’re a fellow anime gal, give it a watch! I’m just about to start watching Naeun’s drama ‘Twenty Again’ as well after procrastinating about it for so long (the first episode is finally fully buffered!); am sure I’ll avidly fangirl along with Rachel. Teehee…

Anyway, think I’ll keep this one short like my outfit, go and grab a Starbucks (French vanilla lattes tho!), and make the most of my day off – in bed.

(Black duster jacket, 3.3 Field Trip at Ă…land;
High neck sleeveless chiffon blouse, Korean boutique - similar here!;
Bleach white wash denim shorts, Uniqlo;
Pointed toe cut-out heeled boots, New Look - similar here.)

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