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Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: Throwback Thursday Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: Throwback Thursday

1995 vs. 2015.
Well, it ain’t no 1989 but I wanted to write a little Throwback Thursday post today. These were some of my favourite posts to write before I got completely in over my head with that thing called real life and seeing as I’m stuck in the throes of a homesick wave, I figured it’d be somewhat therapeutic to share.

I shared this age-old photograph over on Instagram last week. It’s one of my favourites because I can remember it being taken at home, in the old house, on a Sunday morning before going out for a fun family day. My Mum commented that I’m dressed in my favourite dress, a white number with ruffle sleeves and a pink tiered skirt, plus white tights and patent Chelsea boots. Some things never change! (But really.) Sundays always involved being popped in the car, driving to London Chinatown for yum cha and grocery shop - for those things you can’t pick up in Tesco - playing in the park or by the lake and then returning home to play with Dad/annoy Dad while he practiced snooker on his snooker table while Mum cooked. I think this is one of my favourite childhood memories.

Fast forward 20 years and what’s changed? Almost nothing! I picked out this outfit because it feels so nostalgic. I wore it at the weekend to a hospital appointment and then to take my auntie out for breakfast. Somehow I’d subconsciously picked out two of my favourite garments - bet you’re all sick of me wearing these - and paired them together for an accidental throwback. I adore the simplicity, coolness and refreshing feel of crisp white tops and this pale pink skirt is something I reach for weekly. And nowadays there’s still nothing I adore more than a family day. I miss June so much right now! Chaotic mornings of dressing ourselves, hopping on the MTR to find food and fun places to visit, and then coming home to annoy each other in that charming way only families can. There’s no clan like the Chai clan.

What is your favourite memory?

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