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The top five most read posts on little Daisybutter.
After having a little catch-up on my favourite blogs last weekend, I really enjoyed reading my good friend Mandy’s post where she shared her ‘most read’ blog posts. And so I delved into the murky depths of my blog analytics and thought I’d share my most popular posts too. It’s always interesting to see what people enjoy the most on my blog and while these sorts of things rarely dictate my new and upcoming content nowadays, it’s fun to have a look back at super old posts, right?

Which are your favourite posts to read?

A Guide to Mascaras for Asian Lashes
This is my all-time most read post which is ironic for a blog from a girl who confesses to being an utter beauty n00b. Over two years ago I compiled a guide to the best mascaras for us Chinese gals - now not to be segregative but Asian lashes are notorious for being short, fine and straight, and it is inhumanly difficult for me/us to find the perfect lash combinations. In fact, I’ve discovered a couple of even better mascaras now, so perhaps an updated version of this is on the cards!

Read it here.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8
Another 2013 baby! I picked this up after a summer in Hong Kong and thought I’d share a review of - what was then - a relatively unknown camera. Oh how times have changed eh?! Mish, ever the trendsetter. I’m still in love with my Instax Mini actually and I think it’s so fun to see how Instagram in the digital age helped to bring back a lost classic medium of documentation. My Mama has countless Polaroid cameras and Sanrio Instax cameras and photos from when I was little - the perks of being part of a Chinese family!

Read it here.

Inspiration: Lucy Hale
Who doesn’t have a teensy girl crush on a PLL girl nowadays? Back in 2010 - I am such a blogging oldie! - my friend Ella and I were obsessed with Pretty Little Liars and I created a little style inspiration post all about Lucy Hale a.k.a. Aria Montgomery. It’s so odd to see how my personal style and style inspo has changed over these 5 years.

Read it here.

Ways to Wear: Sleeveless Denim Jackets
Apparently we all enjoy the 80’s because a post from my ancient Ways to Wear series has made it in! I used to share these weekly on Wednesdays, with three ways to wear one item, thus getting more out of your money. This was written in my student days back in 2011 where I ‘had’ to justify my purchases to myself by mentally styling three outfits in a shop with the girls.

Read it here.

The Best Years of Your Life
Finally, you guys seemed to really like this longer, lifestyle article I wrote about Uni and it being ‘the best years of your life’. I feel like I talk at length a lot about my Uni experience but I hand on heart wish that I had blog posts like these to read before I tottered off to try it on my own. I actually have another Uni post coming up in the next week or so for you freshers to have a nosy at.

Read it here.

If you’re new to my blog, too, HELLO! I’ve created a little cheat sheet here where you can catch up on some of my personal favourite posts and learn a little more about the other random things I blog about - tortoise diary included.

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