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Some Sunday scribings.
一. It’s been a long ol’ week in the land of Mish. Currently stuck in the unhealthy balance of feeling completely drained – more on that later – as well as constantly worrying that I’m wasting time. Someone please give me a helping hand out of this existential crisis because I’m doing a terrible job of it myself! In case you don't want to read a pretty sad post, here are some posts I wrote this week:
二. Let’s not beat about the bush: on Monday I fainted on my way to work. As in, I woke up being supported by two strangers, surrounded by at least 5 more that I can remember, plus paramedics and policemen. It was all pretty dramatic/traumatic and I can’t stop feeling weepy every time I have to tell someone. I was actually taken to the hospital on an stretcher in an ambulance which absolutely terrified me and I think I cried the entire time because I can’t remember much other than having many needles poked in me. Cry. Then I kept thinking about how much I wanted my Mum or a nearby best friend and cried more because they’re all on the wrong side of the globe. Good job Mish.

三. Hand in hand with passing out and just peacing out to responsibility, I’ve immersed myself in finally watching Pinocchio and I’ve developed another intense girl crush on Park Shin Hye. Damn that girl can cry. (Probs couldn’t beat my Monday attempts though.) I haven’t been watching many drama series this year and I think now is a pretty good time to hole myself up in my apartment and get through my list.

四. I booked my flight home for Christmas! Shall be spending 10 glorious days in the motherland soaking up the brisk December cold, walking by my favourite lake and playing sleepover with my sister because in an odd twist of fate, I no longer have a bedroom in England.

五. As it’s always the most popular tiny-not-even-noticeable updates in my posts, let’s talk dating but not dating xD ugh life. I don’t even know right now. I feel like I’m past the age of harbouring crushes and dealing with highs and lows but someone please throw me a bone here and tell me I’m just overthinking and people in their mid-twenties can be too busy for people. Sad Mish is sad but, y’know, strong independent woman and all. I even carried home and built a shoe cupboard on my own the other night.

六. To round off a fairly sad post (I’m reading in retrospect and editing rn!), I’m struggling with the worst case of homesickness and Writer’s Block at the moment. I can’t even compose texts to friends at the moment! You can test this idea by Tweeting me and seeing which nonsensical response you get ;) Skyped with bebe sis on Thursday night/Friday early morning and cried it out for a solid 20 minutes before getting on with our usual weird musings for another hour. I miss my best friends, particularly this one, and being able to jump in my car, drive and see them for a sad-hug and hunt for BN biscuits. T^T this post is venturing into 14-year-old diary territory now, eh? I might just title this one, ‘The Melancholy of Michelle Chai’ and be done with it.

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