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Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: August wishlist, Zara Home, Commes des Garcons Play, Francfranc

More imaginary spending.
With my trip to England around 4 months or so away – eek! - we’re on spending lockdown now: no frivolous spending aside from day trips and “spending” time with loved ones. In my world though, that usually means no spending for about a day before deciding to treat myself because of some nonsensical reason, so here we are with a fairly formidable wishlist should I want to treat myself…

Commes des Garcons Play Tee – Seriously obsessed with CDG Play after picking up my cutie cardigan. These tees are so incredibly soft and I’m certain it’ll be a super-reached for piece. The beckoning question is simply: white or striped?! Shop it here.

Francfranc French Bulldog Cushion – I’ve been contemplating picking this up for about a week now! So. Cute. I really want to refresh the d├ęcor of my apartment and this would be an adorable touch for my living room or bedroom. Shop it here.

Chloe Faye – No one freak out. I will probably not buy this accidentally on purpose unless I have a super down day and decide I need to spend my feelings or I win the Lottery or something. But the Faye is too gorgeous not to feature. Le sigh… Shop it here.

Wind/Pinball by Haruki Murakami - I've been anticipating this duo of short stories for absolutely ages. Murakami is one of my favourite authors and these two mini novels are supposed to be from his earliest works, making me all the more curious to retrospectively see how his work has developed. Pre-order it here.

Francfranc Copper Wall Clock – This is possibly the most practical item on my list as I’ve been in Hong Kong for, like, 8 months now and I still don’t own a wall clock. I’ve legit been using my phone and a WATCH to tell the time around my apartment. Please feel free to pick one up for me as a belated housewarming gift, ladies and gents. Shop it here.

Zara Home Mother-of-Pearl Tray - Ah Zara. I’ve been dithering over a few tray options to store bits and bobs in as well as to use a little prop for blog photos. This one looks super cute and matches the other colours of my flat.

Zara Home Daisy Embroidery Bed Linen – Just look at how pretty this set is. I’ve been spending much more time than is recommended in bed lately and it’s where you spend 8 hours each night, hence my justification for this, plus it's so on brand for the blog, eh? ;) I’ll probably indulge sometime soon and fret about shipping it home whenever that time comes (or doesn’t). Shop it here.

Topshop Reclaim Silk Culotte Jumpsuit - Let’s round off an uncharacteristically grown-up wishlist with something more sartorially indulgent, shall we? I’m obsessed with this jumpsuit from Topshop’s Reclaim range. Each piece eco-friendly, this silk number is so perfectly pretty, I’m just trying to decide how much wear I’ll get out of it before the summer ends. (Although let’s not lie, it’s pretty much summer then Christmas and back again around these parts!) Shop it here.

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