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Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: Anthony Nolan blood cancer charity Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: Anthony Nolan blood cancer charity

Time for something a little different today but I’ve been so excited to share this one. (PS. I cut my hair!! Bibbidi-BOBbodi-boo.)
A few weeks ago, the guys at Anthony Nolan got in touch with me about their newest campaign. The charity saves the lives of blood cancer patients by finding them a stem cell or bone marrow transplant, and was founded by Anthony Nolan’s mother, Shirley, in the 70’s when, sadly, no stem cell match could be found for her son, Anthony. The #IGiveASpit campaign is primarily a fashion campaign: a bunch of us bloggers, along with celebrities, actors, models and the like, are customising our own T-shirts to raise awareness.

The situation is this: doctors are more likely to choose stem cell donors from young men, between the ages of 16-30, and Anthony Nolan need more donors on the register. To do so, all you have to do is join the bone marrow register and, excuse me, spit in a tube. So easy.

Donors must be based in the UK, so I'll be registering once I'm back on home turf but for now I figured I'd get handy with my creative side and customise a T-shirt to help spread awareness. Nothing beats some sassy Taylor Swift lyrics, kitty ears and red lip prints, eh? PS. I'm all about the raw edge cuts on jersey lately. Nothing to do with the fact I'm sewing machine-less at the moment, I semi-promise. And also! I cut three inches off my hair at the weekend. Let's not lie, it was an 'I want a trim' situation that ended up super short but I kinda like it.

Supporters can pick up a limited edition T-shirt from Anthony Nolan’s eBay site or visit design and print boutique YrStore, who are in Topshop and Topman on Oxford Street, to customise your own shirt and say #IGiveASpit about blood cancer on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Mine is here!

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