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A soloist's Sunday.
I’m the type that likes to be somewhat busy. For all the times I state that I enjoy cosying up in bed at home, you can bet your bottom dollar that whilst I am cosied up in bed, I’m also watching a TV show, on-and-off reading a book, catching up with friends both here and abroad, writing blog posts, writing freelance bits and probably researching a weekly obscure topic*.

This weekend I found myself with a little more time on my hands than expected. Ran more errands than I’ve ever known, got my diagnosis at the hospital and picked out a rescue cat that I’m hoping to maybe adopt soon. (Keep your fingers crossed for me.)

And then my friend cancelled on me for the billionth time and I decided, hey, I can do this on my own. Brunch. I can definitely do that alone. Recharging and refuelling, yes. Who needs flaky friends that you never see because they always forget, they never ask about your life lately or would essentially rather be somewhere else? Not I.

At brunch, it was oddly soothing to be by myself, headphones in, book out. Surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong on a Sunday morning, an arguing couple on one side of me and a loved-up one on the other (yeah, I fifth-wheeled), it was nice to be able to think alone amongst some noise.

Never tasted a brunch as good as this one, by the by. I went for the eggs Benedict with parma ham and it was quite literally the best. Parma ham is one of my ultimate guilty pleasures – I love it on toast ends – and paired with a light nicoise salad and drizzle of black truffle oil… think I’ll be doing this solo brunch more often!

Location: G/F, 99 Hoi Pa Street. Tsuen Wan.

* Did you know that each week I pick an obscure topic and dedicate 20 minutes each evening reading up online and offline about it? I can tell you 10 fun facts about so many ridiculously random things.

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