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A few late summer ideas to squeeze in before the autumn hits. (Yey!)
  1. A fresh haircut. It’s about time you finally tried the lob.
  2. A final spontaneous roadtrip to the seaside for an obligatory 99p ice-cream.
  3. Lay in your garden for an afternoon with a picnic blanket, some books and your iPod.
  4. 9pm strolls while the sunlight is finally beginning to go down.
  5. A Luna Cinema visit! Find your local showings here.
  6. Make bowls of salads and marinate lots of meat for an impulse barbecue with whoever can make it on 3 hours notice.
  7. Early morning runs with the good sort of early morning light.
  8. Show up at your best friend’s house and literally drag them to the local pub for pub grub and an afternoon of putting the world to rights over a beer/G&T.
  9. Bonus hikes!
  10. Pack a bag with towels, your tablet/iPad and snacks and hang out at the beach until the sun sets.
  11. A day at a castle! Hunt down your nearest one and spend the day pretending to be Hermione/Daenerys. Perfect for Instagram fodder too.
  12. Outdoor yoga on a Sunday morning.
  13. Sky high afternoon tea - before it gets too dark for perfect views.
  14. An afternoon spent editing your wardrobe: it’ll be sweater and boots season at long last, ladies.

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