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Things to do this summer, 2015.
Time for another to-do list because my life literally revolves around these. One time I didn’t make one and I didn’t start doing things with my day until 1pm, meaning I conked out at 8pm and woke up at midnight. Lessons learnt there.

  • Buy a new bikini!
  • Book a full body massage.
  • Try Common Ground.
  • Sign up for reformer ballet classes.
  • Save some money dammit.
  • Sort my nails out.
  • Hit the beach more. Way more.
  • Book my flights back to the UK.
  • Learn the dance to KARA - 'Cupid'.
  • Read 5 books.
  • Snap up my Chloé Lauren flats.
  • Refresh my sofa décor set-up.
  • Soft launch my secret project.
What's on your list, this summer?


  1. *thumbs up* work that list Michelle ;) Xx

  2. This looks like a great list! I also have, read more books and buy a new bikini on my list, as well as cleaning out my room and wardrobe!
    Abbie xx

    Another Student Blog

  3. Mine is doing the exam on the 9th (help!), buying a bikini, read books, preparing the suitcase for my trip :)


  4. ooo this is such a good idea, I'm going to have to make one of these :) Spending more time at the beach is definitely a good one, I've been trying to do that too as the weather has been so lovely in the UK recently :)
    Love Holly x

  5. Pretty much living on the beach... :) And to drive myself crazy by lirtening to D.R.A.M. Cha Cha :)

  6. Great list! Mine is to finish the novel I've been working on for a year. It's a hard task!

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  7. Julz' Obsessions7 July 2015 at 01:55

    I absolutely love posts like these. Even though summer is about free time I like to structure it too. Also I neeed to sort my nails out too xx

  8. Ah, Kara's dances are always so fun to learn! Recently got into learning K-pop dances~~ Hehe so cool how you're into dancing, too!

    Connie from theconbonz

  9. Already working hard at it!

  10. Thanks Abbie! Ah I should probably add cleaning out my wardrobe to the list too ;)

  11. Thanks Holly! I've been doing these seasonally and I find blogging them motivates me so much.

  12. Oh gosh - so catchy, right?

  13. Ah best of luck Abbie! I'm still only a smidgen through my novel. I think I might take that back up this autumn.

  14. I learn so many dances hahah xD my favourite to learn was miss A's Touch! And yes - I was a stage school gal for about 10 years ;) x

  15. Oh God, yeeees! All I do is sing I like to cha cha.... :))))))))

  16. I've been debating adult ballet too! (they have some classes in my town but I'm a little scared about going - I haven't 'danced' since I was 14/15 and have never done ballet :S).
    Also Ooooo secret project?? I like this! Xx

  17. woah! That's so cool! I've been dancing ballet for about 12 years now. Not a professional, but I have to say that dancing is loads of fun!


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