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When social media is just enough and too much all at once.
Oftentimes we discuss how social media has gone craycray and that we're becoming too dependant on it, that we've become disenchanted with reality because of it. And yes, it's true. Social media platforms help to carefully plan and paint a glossy square-shaped picture of what our Best Of moments are. My life isn't half as glam as my Instagram tries to make out it is. Did you know that I ate super unsightly bananas dipped in Nutella for breakfast? No ;) FYI I think it's a golden rule not to Instagram a banana unless you're a bona fide Minion.

Something I realised when I moved here, 6000+ miles away from home, is that social media can do the world of good in helping you feel at home. Look. I can tap the Facebook icon and see which of my friends are checking in for a cheeky Nando's, who else has got the keys to their first place or 10 idiotic musings about someone's bus journey. I can leave sweet messages for friends and family via WhatsApp. Twitter means I instantly have all of you ladies and gents as instant friends to chat to.

But it's a disconnected sort of reality. They're there and they're not. It's actually really lonely to rely so heavily upon social media. I often find myself scrolling through Facebook and wishing for just a hot second that I could also be there. That I could be sat at home in my lounge watching Made in Chelsea and Tweeting along in real time. I struggle a lot, even now, with the time difference. My Canadian friend mentioned how her 12-hour time difference is ideal and, in hindsight, I wish all the time I could have that.

The odd disconnect that comes from time zones is something that you don't consider at all when you consider moving, right? YOU want a beach, warmer climes and fun. That's what I wanted anyway! I can't quote describe how it feels other than I literally can never grasp a hold of the concept of time. Conversation suddenly stretches from those intense hour-long chats with your best friend to watered-down intensity spanning over a few days. As I wake up, they're headed to bed. When they're finishing work, I'm nodding off. That's difficult.

It's July but in my mind it's October. When I moved. Time passes so quickly whether you're here or there. It's hard for me to be passing so many days - however much I adore it here - while at-home people pass theirs separately from me. I need to like, learn to Apparate or Splinch myself or something. The strangest thing is trying to eloquently describe how I feel to be living my life here while most of my loved ones are elsewhere. I can see myself bashing down the barriers and reaching so many (excuse the word) goals, but similarly I can't help but feel seven hours of disconnect with everybody else's.

The disconnect has oddly helped me realise that nearly all of the friends I made plans with in my final month are the best. Almost all of them are the ones that continue to check in on me and I, them, despite the time lapse. "The ones that are meant to be in your life will always gravitate back to you." That's how the saying goes, right? I'm so lucky that my pals, and you bunch, are the best.

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  1. Oh Michelle, I hope things start to get easier with the time difference. I bet it is a lot to get used to as it is such a difference however I think that in a way when you are chatting with everyone and catching up that it makes it even more exciting and you look forward to it a lot more. Often I think we can take for granted that people are so close to home etc yet for others that is not the case. Big hugs from me! :) xx

  2. Oh Mish I can totally understand this. While it's not so much from your end, from the other side it's a bit weird too. I have friends scattered all over the place too and I always wish I could hang out with them but they're miles and miles away - all living new lives. There's also that feeling of knowing that they probably won't be coming home to live ever, which I find tricky because I know I'll be missing out on so many of their milestones. One of my home friends moved to Oz, 2 years ago and will inevitably get married, have kids and I know I'll only see her once in a blue moon when she comes home to visit. I'd like to visit her but it's just so expensive and soooo far from the UK. So it definitely works the other way too! When you post pics of your shots at Harbour city, I feel this overwhelming familiarity - like I wish I could browse endless toys/stationery in LOG ON or pop into the LCX part of the mall or just catch over good food with you. Though with HK - maybe that's more like homesickness!

  3. I've had a few close friend leave the UK and move to different parts of the world. I don't rely on social media to catch up with them as I'm not in Facebook and they don't use social media channels I use. I think I prefer 'real' catch ups such as skype/facebook or see them when they come over!

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

  4. Very stylish style striped dress, very beautiful, thank you for sharing.

  5. Definitely can relate to how you feel Mish! It seems ever since I've moved to Aus, all of my close-but-not-close-enough-to-be-personally-told friends have bought their first houses, got engaged or doing something else pretty major. I can't help but feel a little sad inside when I find out via Facebook- I know if I was in the UK I would have been told over lunch, shopping and a girly day! The time difference here is just as difficult- and sometimes I question whether I should whatsapp a friend when I really want to tell them something incase it wakes them up in the middle of the night and they have work the next day! I know in reality they probably wouldn't care at all- but I miss the security of always having someone to talk to. I really hope when I eventually make it back for a trip to the UK, that I'm still close enough to the friends I really hold close to me, as it is so difficult keeping in contact. Another thing I really didn't think about was how the seasons make a difference too. Here it is approaching winter, and my friends all seem to be enjoying the sun in the UK. I'm busy keeping wrapped up in a duvet whilst they're planning trips abroad and enjoying the sun- and in a way, it makes it difficult to relate and have general chit chat as odd as it sounds, as I'm doing completely the opposite to everyone else!

    Lizzy from Nomad Notebook

  6. Totally get how you feel! I moved to the US 8 years ago and now still sometimes wistfully thinking how good it'll be if I teleport myself across oceans to be with them on meetups and gatherings. I guess keeping busy helps alleviate some of the lonely moments.


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