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8 things I think you should read this weekend.
Way back when this blog was in its starter stages, a small collective of us wrote weekly non-beauty Friday Favourites – hi Leona, Lauren, Abby and Zoe! – and I figured I might as well bring it back in a refreshed format for today. I couldn’t even begin to explain my bookmarks bar or search history but it's nice to share online things that I'm enjoying, right? (Actually lately I’ve been researching volunteering at the Hong Kong Dog Rescue and about visiting the Anne Frank House…)

  • Bee’s mini guide to writing short stories really kick-started my creative fuel for getting to grips with writing fiction again. I'm working on a mini project right now that I'm so excited about.
  • I’m obsessed with the stars and galaxy so once I’m a homeowner, I’ll certainly be creating these ceramic garlands from A Beautiful Mess for my office.
  • This post on Thoughtcatalog entitled 'This Is How I'll Date You' just gets me. Heart on dat sleeve.
  • My girl Gem wrote an honest account of transitioning as a blogger. Natural transitions. Five plus years of blogging means I’ve spent almost a quarter of my life growing up online and that’s crazy but cool at the same time. I even went to Gem’s hen ‘do – my Internet gals are simply the best.
  • I have life envy every time I read Jane’s blog – this photo diary of her day wandering around galleries and restaurants was the pinnacle of that.
  • Reading Lily’s post all about Hyper Japan 2015 made me sorely miss my blogging team and one of my favourite annual events.
  • While I’m not a huge Alexa fangirl, I’m really excited for her upcoming documentary for Vogue!
  • The Topshop Reclaim collection – ethical and sustainable – looks SO good! I can only hope that the range in its entirety makes it over to Hong Kong.


  1. Now know what I'll be reading this weekend!

  2. thanks for all the links :)

  3. Thanks for the shout out :) :) hope you have a good weekend!

  4. I love this kind of post so much, I always find fantastic reads! Going to delve in to them all before I head off for work xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  5. So much good stuff to read mate! <3

  6. You're welcome Marie - enjoy!

  7. Aw you're welcome Jane - you too!

  8. Thanks Charlotte! Me too - love finding new sites and blogs to pore over (: hope you enjoyed!

  9. thanks for these recommendations <3

    Check out my latest post <3

  10. You're more than welcome A!

  11. Aw, I missed you at Hyper Japan last week - it was seriously hard not to come away with a giant plushie although I imagine that challenge is a daily occurrence in Hong Kong! x

  12. My plushie collection is borderline impressive/embarassing!

  13. Nice to see Topshop doing that! Some lovely pieces as well, although still too expensive for me! xo


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