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A sleepy little Sunday update.
一. It's been an odd sort of week. I've felt neither here nor there and with work getting super busy and stressful at times (why is everyone on holiday?!), I've hardly had time to catch my breath. I guess that's a good thing. This week I've actually felt a little homesick for the first time in a while. Miss having my crazy family taking over the apartment! Am I allowed to admit I had a mini cry at the thought of having to go home and get things sorted on my own again when I want is to hug my little sis and watch Wildchild in bed? On top of that I heard something I didn't really want to this week. Made me reconsider a lot, realise a lot and mope around a lot. Bleugh. I'll just sleep it off or go to the beach more.

二. Earlier this week I finally got round to booking some time off work for Christmas! Maybe that sounds a little premature for some but there's no way I was going to miss out on flying back to the UK for my favourite holiday. Everybody should be able to spend Christmas with their loved ones :3 I'm already making plans with my friends and setting up those all important countdowns on my phone.

三. I've finally managed to find time (lololol) to watch the third season of Orange Is The New Black. Man I adore that show. Something hasn't quite clicked for me with this season but I'm enjoying it regardless. I'm around halfway through but I must say I much preferred season two. Did anyone else feel that way?

四. Right now I'm in the market for some more new skincare. Conveniently running out of toner, essence and facemasks (and a decent body butter) at the same time means I can dedicate a whole evening to shopping! I'm sorely tempted by Innisfree's Whitening range but if anyone has Whitening and Radiance boosting skincare recommendations - send them my way! I've been slowly working on a mini skincare guide that hopefully I'll be able to share soon.

五. Finally, I'm getting really into YouTube at the moment. I'm even finding editing... fun? I uploaded an About Me tag yesterday and noticed I've finally reached 10,000 total views. Mini milestones are the best. Head over to my channel here to see my newest videos - it'd mean the world if you clicked the 'subscribe' button too! I've got some super exciting video ideas coming up :3


  1. Aw I know what you mean about *those* weeks. Hope the next one is a better one. Although those chocolates would definitely cheer me up!

  2. Hope next week goes better, I know what you mean, sometimes you just need a hug and a timeout!

    Maria xxx

  3. Hope you find time to relax soon love :) I also found the 2nd season of OITNB better! Though Ruby Rose is a fabulous addition to the cast I think!

  4. I'm actually finding tickets to celebrate Christmas
    in Hong Kong haha :P I'm surprised you didn't named
    tea in one of your favorite drinks! Harry Potter and
    the Chamber of Secret is also my favorite!
    Xx Ice Pandora

  5. Aah, hope you get time to relax soon! I'm loving OITNB but I agree, season 2 waas better!

    Can't believe Brighton on the Beach was a whole year ago, crazy - time flies!
    It'll be Christmas before you know it!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  6. Ahaha cream soda, so Chinese dude. It reminds me of Christmas and family get togethers.

    Hope you are back to your normal self soon! Sounds pretty rubbish but I'm sure you'll bounce back to your usual self! Also - I miss Aland! Can't wait to go back and shop at the cwb store. I also watch Pumpkin Jenn! She seems really fun and her artwork is insane! xxx

  7. Ahh, I definitely have *those* weeks more often than I'd like. Sometimes there isn't much more you can do besides sleeping it off... I must be the only person who hasn't watched OITNB yet, it's definitely going on my to do list though!

  8. Thank you Jane! I didn't leave the house for a good 32 hours ;) spent it cooped up binge-watching Netflix, catching up with friends via WhatsApp and scrapbooking - in between eating ALL the chocolate and sipping coconut water! Hope you had a nice weekend my love!

  9. Thanks Maria! I ended up napping for a huge portion too - a hug from my duvet!

  10. Thanks Rachel! Ah I haven't even spied her yet ;) continuing my marathon tonight though and hopefully I'll see what the hype is all about.

  11. Ahh are you? I much prefer Christmas at home in England, it doesn't feel very festive over here! Oh gosh, how did I forget?!

  12. Thanks my love! Season 2 was so good that I'm tempted to rewatch it - if only for that epic season finale. Ah I hope there are more events over in Brighton that I can pop to if I move back to England for good. I miss little B-town (: hope you're well L!

  13. Haha my Hong Kong is showing ;) cream sodas and hot pot, right? Ahh I wish I had enough time to throw a mini hot pot party over Christmas and have you ladies round. I'm feeling much better with the promise of a new week and the prospect of being able to book my flight this weekend.

  14. That's what I did for a large portion of the day! Ah it's so good - lives up to the hype for sure.


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