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Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: Casa Tapas, Sai Kung
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: hummus and toast

Shop 1, G/F., Sui Yat Building, 1 Sai Kung Hoi Pong Square, Sai Kung Town, Hong Kong.
One of my favourite eatery options is by far, tapas. Little plates of food that you share amongst the party, it reminds me of the whole yum cha (dim sum) affair that I grew up accustomed to, not to mention that Chinese families LOVE to cook a few dishes to be eaten between the family with a bowl of rice. It just makes for a familiar eating set-up.

A few months ago, Sophia and I stumbled upon Casa in Sai Kung. Deciding to veto the infamous seafood joints along the waterfront, we settled down for some fusion tapas to shield from the heat and recuperate. It’s fairly tucked away but spacious and beautifully decorated with both indoor and al fresco seating. (Though you’ll probably want to eat indoors to prevent sunstroke or something, idk.)

Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: halloumi canapes
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: Korean pancake
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: fusion tapas in hong kong

We opted for a selection of dishes: a char siu salad, Korean pancake, halloumi toast ends, calamari and actual toast with hummus. A delectable little fusion of our favourite dishes.

I couldn’t fault the food aside from the calamari being a little on the oily side. The char siu salad was juicy and flavourful, the Korean pancakes beautifully fragrant with a delicious crunch and you really can never go wrong with hummus. My favourite dishes were probably the halloumi toast ends, topped with aubergine and basil, and the Korean pancake - it was a pleasant surprise for each dish from far-flung ends of the globe to taste equally good.

Prices leant on a more indulgent side but it’s the ideal Sunday sorta eat.

If you’re lurking in the Sai Kung area, I’d truly recommend popping in for a visit. And it’s pup-friendly too!

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