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"Instagram game so strong."
Lately I’ve become completely obsessed with Instagram again. I think it’s somewhat down to the huge time difference between that of my friends and I, meaning that Twitter and Facebook lose their immediate fun factor ;) I’m basically hardcore obsessed with Instagram and Snapchat. I’m one of those people that happily posts multiple photographs in a day and who can’t wait to upload another. (FYI, I have a personal limit of 3 per day!)

With that in mind, I thought I’d share my five favourite camera and photography related apps that I use constantly, every day. I even use these to process photos before getting them printed for my scrapbook or to be framed!

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Ah that blogger favourite. I guess 90% of those reading this post already know of and/or use VSCOCAM but it’s still my most reached-for app. This app has its very own bona fide sharing platform and store for more filters, but I use it primarily to filter photographs, crop them to my heart’s desire and have them laid out in grid format so I can almost ‘preview’ what my Instagram feed will look like. Secret: I usually store about 3-4 days worth of snaps here and edit while I’m queuing or commuting.

2. ailis
A close second for my favourite apps, ailis is where I add all of my cutesy stickers and whatnot. I realise that the stickers aren’t to everybody’s tastes but if you know me, you’ll know I adore the kitsch and the kawaii! I usually filter with White Cat, Latte, Memory or Baby and scatter My Melody, Hello Kitty, LINE or Pokemon stickers atop photos through this app. My only qualm with this app is that it seems to hugely reduce the quality without giving you a second option.

3. PicLab
This one will prove popular with my fellow quote-happy gals! Another filter/editing app, I don’t find the filters appeal to me at all but the quote selection pleases my Monday morning self oh so much. I recently used this to create a three-segment divided snap which went down well, but I tend to use this for a cheesy ol’ quote like in the photo for this post.

4. Snapseed
Not as much to rave about with this one, but I adore the variety of filters on this app. There are plenty to choose from to fit in with whichever theme you’re doing for the week ;) it’s a little fiddly to get to grips with at first but a nice option for those photos you take in weird lighting.

5. Kiwi Camera
Kiwi Camera is unique in that you can shoot with a filter applied to the camera. I guess it’s a little gimmicky but also super fun to view the world through literal rose-tinted glasses! The photo quality is fine but overall I’d prefer to shoot normally and filter normally.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how I have a thin border on my photos, I use InstaSquareMaker and tap once on the border setting.

Phone used: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.


  1. #1 and #2 are also photo-editing apps I use. I might try Piclab. Thanks for the recommendations.

  2. Afterlight is also a favourite of mine!

    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    Btw check out my sweet Lightbox Giveaway if you haven’t already!

  3. I love VSCO cam - I always edit photos with it on tube journeys! Also love Instagram's Layout app for creating collages and A Beautiful Mess for adding quotes and doodles. x

  4. I have actually only heard of VSCOCAM on this list so I am so happy to be introduced to more editing software. Thanks for the informative post!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  5. Lol I have only heard about VSCOCAM but never
    realized it was an app :') thank you for your tips!
    I am definitely going to try out VSCOCAM!

  6. They're definitely my favourites! You're welcome Shirlyn!

  7. Ah I've never tried Afterlight!

  8. Same! Oh yes, I always forget I have the ABM app - time to play with that for a bit!

  9. You're more than welcome Rae - hope you're doing well love!

  10. I love the selective option on Snapseed because let's be honest, we don't always have the best lighting for Instagram shots! Ha! Otherwise, I'm a huge fan of Afterlight and the in-app instagram tools.

    - Elodie x


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