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21 things that I adore the most in the summer.
  1. Pressed fresh sheets before bed; rumpled well-loved sheets post-sleep.
  2. Seemingly squeaky clean greener-than-green grass beneath my feet.
  3. Sitting on park benches, legs swinging, 99p cones in hand, laughing about nothings.
  4. Sheltering from the sunrays by plopping down on the windowsill with a book (or let’s face it, a chockablock Twitter feed).
  5. Glasses of iced chrysanthemum tea.
  6. Declaring barbeque day with my brother and sister – just for us three!
  7. Heaping all of my favourite things in the boot, driving to the lake and just having an hour to myself.
  8. Making ice lolly concoctions of all of my favourite fizzy drinks.
  9. Laying on my back outdoors and playing ‘the entire view is blue’.
  10. The anticipation of a designated beach road trip.
  11. Lazy summer evenings still at the pub after a quick lunchtime bite.
  12. Those golden pink hazy sunsets.
  13. Sun-soaked walks, hand in hand, looking over at wooden fences, corn fields and watching ducks amble around in the lake.
  14. The swings.
  15. Nonsensical 8pm conversations in the basking sunlight. These always make less and more sense than others.
  16. Accidental early morning Sundays being justified by the sun. The sun!
  17. The instant justification of white dresses and flowers at every accessorisable place.
  18. Happening to wander out at 4pm and reminiscing on ‘playing out after school’.
  19. Refreshing cool showers in the evening followed by an hour or two curled up on the sofa.
  20. The smell of an afternoon barbeque wafting down the entire street.
  21. Being really British and anticipating autumn already.


  1. FromGemWithLove1 June 2015 at 11:25

    They all sound incredible, as much as I LOVE Autumn, summer is pretty great when it's sunny!

  2. I love this, blogging is pretty tough sometimes but I have loved your blog for a long time and will be sure to read long into the future!

    Maria xxx

  3. Ah Rachel, you're too kind! I think I have my very own blogging style but I often - like now - struggle with not fitting in to the blogger mould. And you've just made my entire day with that end-comment ;)

  4. Ahh Maria <3 thank you so much for this. Finding it tough to work out where I stand in this new multiplicity!

  5. Autumn will forever have my heart but the summer in HK is just too good, Gem!

  6. One of the things I've always loved about your blog is that it's different and feels very real. I know we don't know each other personally but when I read your posts I feel like I get to know you. And, as I've said before, your writing style is spot on and so easy and enjoyable to read :) xx

    Jodie //

  7. Oh this has made me so excited for summer!

    Yas xx">The Not So Secret Lives Of Pizza Lovers

  8. Got to love a 99p cone!! :)

    Paula | Lifestyle & Laffs


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