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Pretty blooms for Mama Daisy.
A few weeks ago I had somewhat of a mini meltdown. As soon as Granny Daisy landed on Hong Kong shores, she decided to accidentally break all of my appliances, suddenly I was averaging around 20 bites per night (new mattress required ASAP) and I began questioning if I was really cut out for this whole living-thousands-of-miles-away malarkey.

Of course that’s all blown over now but to say a little thank you to Mama Daisy who steered me back to normalcy, the wonderful team over at Debenhams offered to send a beautiful bouquet on my behalf. I opted for the Radiance bouquet, a decadent flourish of lilies and roses in spring-esque hues, and had it delivered to our restaurant. She loves being the centre of attention!

They’re ever so beautiful and I wish I could’ve been back in England – gawd, here I go again – to snap them in all their glory. Lilies are some of my favourites! And my Mama's photography leaves a lot to be desired: must remember to show her the ropes when I'm next in England.

As a little further gift from me to you, you can receive 25% off flower bouquets at Debenhams with this code: DFBLOG25 (: Treat yourself to a fresh bloom for Monday or treat a loved one as a surprise. Or you could, y’know, send me some imaginary peonies and hydrangeas. My favourite.


  1. Aww this is super cute Mish. Hope you're having the most wonderful time with the family in Malaysia! x

  2. The flowers are lovely! I wonder if my dad would appreciate some for Father's Day...
    Also I had to use bug spray before I went to bed in HK or I'd wake up with bright red legs. It was not a good look.

  3. Aww I know how you feel! I moved to HK over 2 years ago and now all I want to do is go back to England haha :P

  4. This is so lovely and thoughtful, hope Mama D liked her flowers!

    Maria xxx


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